Feminist Censorship

Selective silence: sports media mum on violent women

Ty Henry points out some glaring double standards in the coverage of the sports world when it comes to rape and female-perpetuated domestic violence… even against other women. Female athlete shoots at her female partner’s vehicle and beats on it with a bat? Mums the word! Henry puts out another another call to activism for the MRA community to end the silence.

Let’s talk about those rape posters

Demonizing a class of people for the crimes of a few is the hallmark of hate, and the tool of racists, sexists, and…feminists? Our gynocentric culture is quietly accepting of the routine hatred of men as a class, but awareness of this insidious malady is starting to spread, and Janet Bloomfield has had just about enough of it. Oh, boy, has she. Watch out, haters, the Judgy Bitch is in the house.