Santas warned “ho-ho-ho” offensive to women

Our thanks to a regular contributor M, for sending us two emails yesterday. He wrote:

“I don’t think feminists could sink any lower than attacking the reputation of the symbol of Xmas, Santa Claus. They’re portraying him as a possible danger to children, an abuser, a molester, and so on… It appears that feminists don’t like the idea of children feeling affection towards men in general, and older men in particular. Oftentimes, not even their own fathers.

Also, feminists now have an issue with Santa’s traditional call ‘Ho-Ho-Ho’ which apparently has sexist overtones, and is supposedly disrespectful to women. Feminists clearly wish men could be separated from children altogether.

No matter how hard I think about it, the only plausible or logical explanations that comes to mind are demonization of masculinity and/or jealousy of men and/or an attempt to increase the feminists’ power base still more. They probably feel that Santa should be either female or not exist at all. The trouble is that he isn’t female, and turning him into a female character, or eliminating him on the pretext of multiculturalism, would destroy a centuries-old tradition – one that most children across the Christian world hold dear.

Women spend a great deal more time more around kids than men do in any case, so having a male Santa is only fair to the kids, come to think of it. But in my view, the attacks on Santa are very similar in nature to the attacks on fathers and men in general. I hope to see traditional male Santas around for many more years.

Allegedly Santa’s call ‘Ho-Ho-Ho’ could be offensive to Australian women because it could remind them of American slang! Also, it could be scary to children. Give me strength!!! What’s happening to Australia? A report on the matter in an American paper:

It’s not just Australia where this madness is gripping formerly sane people. Kids around the world shouldn’t sit on Santa’s lap this Xmas, as all Santas are by default suspected of being paedophiles:

From the second article, which links to a Daily Telegraph piece:

According to the National Association of Head Teachers, volunteer parents who dress up as Father Christmas have been told to avoid all physical contact with children, which of course excludes lap-sitting. ‘Santas in schools should be treated in the same way that other visitors to the school are managed,’ a spokesman for the Department of Education stated.

What’s wrong with the people working across the British education system, all of them Guardian readers, I would assume? They are nothing short of TOXIC to the young people in their charge. As many times as I’ve seen Santas at Xmas events, I can’t remember a single time that a boy or girl didn’t want to approach one or sit on his lap… I’ve never seen a kid terrified of Santa, and I’m no young kid.

As you can see Mike, feminists are attempting nothing less than the total destruction of western Christian traditions and values, which will inevitably destroy the whole society based upon it, together with the economy. If you take out the pillars of the building, the building will collapse, inevitably… simple math.”


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