End of Whom You Say?

Hanna Rosin’s idea that this is the End of Men is an idea with the same tenacious stickiness as the wage gap myth, only male perpetrated domestic violence and the rule of thumb. No matter how completely debunked, it lingers like a bad odor. Paul Elam gives you five reasons it isn’t true. Feel free to add more.

Vigilante killing saves Canadian economy

Canadian lawyer Elizabeth Sheehy lives in a country that does not employ capital punishment but, after twenty-five years of diligent work, she has found a way to get around that inconvenience with a legal backdoor. A carefully stylized form of lethal vigilante justice. Sheehy has written a book explaining to Canadian women, and their lawyers, …

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Domestic violence scandal in Serbia

Editor’s note: This article is also available in Romanian. Most people who have visited the Balkan area will contend that at least the Serbo-Croatian-speaking men are usually people who take no bullshit, and once you meet the Serbian women (be they traditional or more modern) you’ll probably get the impression that feminist policies have little …

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