Shrink4Men Radio: female stalkers


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Does your wife, girlfriend or ex regularly blow up your phone with needy, hostile, delusional and menacing texts, emails and voicemails?

Does your ex or a woman in whom you have no romantic interest “accidentally” turn up whenever you go out?

Are you being stalked by your ex, your girlfriend, wife or a woman you never dated, but who has developed an obsession for you nevertheless?

Do you know that men are just as likely to be the victims of stalking as women?

If you’re a woman, is your partner’s ex stalking you?

Do you know that many of your girlfriend’s, wife’s or ex’s nuisance, clingy, possessive, angry, threatening, Internet searches, social network, text/telephone/email and/or destructive behaviors qualify as stalking and harassment? 

Do you know that many women often use Family Court and negative advocate attorneys to stalk and harass their ex-husbands and/or fathers of their children? 

Do you know that stalking and harassment are abuse? 

Do you know that stalking and harassment are a form of domestic violence? 

Do you know that stalking and harassment (and cyberstalking and cyber-harassment) are crimes?

This Monday, November 7, 2011 at 9pm EST  Dr. Tara J. Palmatier ofShrink4Men will discuss women who stalk, the seriousness of this issue and what to do if you’re currently being stalked.

If you’ve been the target of a female stalker and have questions or a story you’d like to share about being stalked, or if you’re a member of law enforcement with advice to share, please tune in and Skype or call in  +1 310 388 9709.



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