Jake Pentland on AVFM Radio


Recently I appeared on the Jake Pentland Show on Blog Talk Radio to discuss feminism and masculinity. It was an interesting discussion where Jake and I found a few points we agreed on, but was often interrupted by the shrill and irrational vomiting of bad ideas from the female nincompoops associated with his show.

Still, I really enjoyed the experience, and it got me to thinking. What would it be like to talk to Jake Pentland 1 on 1 about feminism and manhood without the rude and ill-informed party crashing by the local femistasi?

You can find out tomorrow, in a special episode of AVFM Radio. It will be Jake and I, no mute button, no high-pitched wailing and no Roseanne Barr.

But we will be taking your calls, right after I get through kicking Pentland’s ass. 🙂

The time will be 8:00 pm Central, tomorrow, May 23, 2013

The call in number is 310-388-9709




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