Honey Badger Radio: Femservatives! Oh My!

Feminists don’t care about having men dominate them. They care about having men walk away. They don’t care about men being stronger than women. They care about men being seen as more vulnerable, or vulnerable at all. Feminists don’t care about losing rights. They care about losing wrongs.

When Feminists engage with traditionalists it’s in a flirtatious mood of “no but really yes.”

That’s why Feminists are more threatened by men’s rights activists. We don’t play their game; we won’t play their game.

But Traditionalists will.

You two deserve each other. After all, you created each other.

Join Alison Tieman, Karen Straughan and Della Burtion as we discuss the unsettling links between traditionalism and feminism tonight Thursday the 3rd of October on blogtalk radio.

Show starts at 8PM Central Time.


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