AVfM Radio: the hormone of violence

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Tonight on A Voice for Men Radio, we’ll be talking about the hormone of violence. The thing that makes human beings violent, emotionally unstable, self serving deceivers, and prone to use force often through indirection. That thing responsible for the common knowledge that man are the cause of all war and conflict, and that obviously, if women ran the world, there would be no war.

Whoops, wasn’t this show supposed to be about testosterone, which according to a number of recent scientific studies has the effect on human behavior of increased fairness, honesty and compassion?

So what is it that causes violence and aggression then?

Tonight on a vice for men, join Girl Writes What and John The Other as we discuss the hormone of aggression and violence.

Call in live at 6: PM Pacific Time (GMT-06:00) 7:00 PM mountain time, and 8:00 PM Central and 9PM Eastern

310 388 9708

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