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Greetings. Today in the United States we are celebrating Thanksgiving, which is traditionally, and effectively, a four day holiday. So if our friends outside the United States wonder why we seem so quiet here, now you know why. On a personal note, I would like to say I am very thankful today for all of you who make our activism possible.

Speaking of which, I would like to remind those of you who are in college especially to remember that college environments are supposed to be places where the free flow of discussion and ideas take place, but wherein quite often feminist ideologues–especially on campuses with a “Women’s Studies” or “Gender Studies” departments–exert an ironfisted control over free discourse, demanding special privilege and consideration for themselves, pretending to speak for and represent all women, and treating men like patriarchal scum or useful idiots. If you’re currently in university, this may not be a bad time to explore some of our posters and see if there are places you can (legally) put them up that may attract attention to both men and women who think there’s something wrong with the way we talk about human rights issues, especially when it comes to men and boys.

We respect and are grateful to all who’ve made posters for our campaign, but of late Roger O. Thornhill from Down Under has been churning out a breathtaking array of just plain gorgeous posters lately. He keeps sending them to me and I keep saying “yes Roger I’ll get them up, yes, I promise, yes, yes,” and then I get distracted. Well now I’m fixing that. Here are no less than six sterling efforts by Roger:

Same old crazy batshit witch

Outdated feminism (an old boot)

Feminism not as useful as an old victrola

Feminism: same old broken record

Honeybadgers don’t give a shit

Honeybadgers don’t give a damn


Missed one! Here’s a particularly comedic one!

Eek! A Mouse!

The first four are obviously meant to be provocative to the gender ideologues who most need challenging on college campuses. But may I suggest the last two (which are identical except for one word) may be appropriate in places where the only reaction you’re seeking is curiosity? “Honeybadgers” are the informal nickname many of us have given to women who break the mold and refuse to kowtow to feminist ideology–or even conservative traditionalist ideology for that matter–who like and respect men for who and what they are and refuse to damsel and play victim in the world just because they’re girls.

There is much debate in men’s rights circles as to whether women in the movement can be trusted. My general answer to them is: women who damsel and insist on their own delicate sensibilities being respected when someone uses rough language or makes a generalization they don’t like really are not trustworthy. Sorry ladies, but if that’s who you are, then you aren’t trustworthy. If you want to run with the boys, you don’t demand that the boys change their rules just to comport to your comfort level. But if you actually give a damn about boys and men and their steadily deteriorating condition in the world where feminists treat this all like a zero-sum game, and you can get in there and mix it up in an argument without demanding special protection or privilege for yourself, I think I speak for the entire AVfM editorial staff when I say “welcome aboard, we want you and appreciate you.” And if you know a woman who isn’t going to damsel, isn’t going to stamp her feet and have a hissy fit because someone somewhere made an intemperate remark about women, and who can engage effectively with others on these issues (like AVfM contributor Girl Writes What, whose work is now being picked up by a number of university professors for discussing in their classrooms), by all means when they ask you about the poster tell them about us. Or just let them check out the site on their own and decide for themselves what they think. If nothing else, useful discussion may ensue.

Anyway, whether you like these posters or prefer others, you’ll find a large and growing collection of terrific efforts right here.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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