AVfM Radio: How to be a creep

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We are all creeps now. The word, of course is the definitive and the preferred tool of social exclusion by the good people. The non creeps. If you’re one of us, that is, if you’re a creep, your opinions are wrong, by definition, you are undesirable, you’re not sexy, you’re not attractive, and its only a matter of time before vultures begin circling your carcass. But what exactly does the word mean, besides “we don’t like you” What is the actual meaning of the modern usage of the word creep?

Tonight on A Voice for men radio, John The Creep, Girl Creeps What and Typhon Crepe Bleu will lift the lid on the conceptual box labeled creep, and examine just what a creep is, and why you’re a creep too.

Call in number for the show is 310 388 9709

show page : How to be a creep


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