AVFM News and Activism: Kudi, the Mystical Rodent Activist

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Tonight on AVFM News and Activism we have as our guest none other than Kudi, the Mystical Rodent Activist!  Kudi has gained marked popularity in the Youtube circuit as a commentator on the Men’s Rights Movement or Men’s Human Rights Movement as AVFM currently calls it.  It is important to note that Kudi is not an MRA, he is not even human, he is in fact a rodent.  We are having him on the show in order to present a completely outside perspective of what is currently going on in the MRM during this season of controversy.  Please join us!

The show starts tonight, the 19th,  at 9:00 PM Eastern, 8:00 PM Central, which is 2:00 AM February 20th in London and 11:00 AM February 20th in Brisbane.



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