Jon Gunnarsson

Conscription is slavery

Conscription, sometimes called “the draft” is still practiced in nearly half the world. Its victims are overwhelmingly male. Jon Gunnarsson looks at this common human rights violation almost no one talks about.

How the German legal system failed Horst Arnold

Imagine you are accused of a terrible crime you didn’t commit. Jon Gunnarsson recounts the story of school teacher Horst Arnold who was falsely accused of rape and imprisoned without a shred of evidence. Despite being eventually found innocent, the corrupt judiciary who placed him there have never been held to account.

Face of German feminism loses face

Alice Schwarzer, the face of German feminism, is responsible for perpetuating decades of hatred against men and boys. While previously lauded by the media as an “expert” in gender affairs, she has recently come under attack by the same media for setting up a Swiss bank account for the purpose of evading tax. Jon Gunnarson gives his thoughts on the matter

Rationally irrational feminists

Many people are beginning to notice that feminist narratives display a bizarre mixture of rational, and irrational thought. To shed light on this peculiar phenomenon Jon Gunnarsson brings us a description of what he calls ‘rational irrationality’.

Another step toward femocracy

In Germany moves are currently underway to pressure the voting public into electing more female politicians in the name of equal rights. Jon Gunnarsson explains that the move is more about gaining equal outcome than equal rights.

Germany’s quota politicians

If you’re a woman in Germany, you should consider a career as a politician. As in most First World countries, gynocentrism is ubiquitous in German politics. Jon Gunnarsson unravels the political quotas that push women to the top.

What Pay Gap?

Women make less than men and they do so because of sex discrimination, right? It’s like the vampire myth that won’t die. Jon Gunnarson has a go at once again challenging one of the great myths of our era.