Diana Davison

The Everyday Solipsism Project

Diana Davison notices that women’s lived experiences trump all other perspectives, except when those women’s lived experiences do not match the ideological requirements of other women. And it’s all ultimately men’s fault, apparently, although how that’s so ain’t exactly clear.

Is Maureen Dowd necessary?

The question is rhetorical. Everyone knows that Maureen Dowd is unnecessary. The real question is this: Is self-plagiarism an actual thing? It may be, and it may be the only reason that Dowd keeps sucking air and taking up room on a planet that doesn’t need her and to which she contributes nothing new.

The myth of rape myths

Feminist discourse asserts that the non-feminist population is so immersed in “rape myths” that they are unable to recognize the crime of rape even when they are victims of it. Diana Davison reports on the work of Helen Reece, a remarkable researcher who is tackling the “rape-culture” question with logic instead of just agreeing for the sake of getting along.