Diana Davison

Cult-ivating Feminism

Diana Davison provides us yet another perspective on the possible causes that lead to “Women’s Studies” The usual suspects are there. Narcissism. Hostility. Susceptibility to hypnotic suggestion. And more. We would say more, but you better read this article and find out for yourself.

The boardroom bitches

Diana Davison asks an incredibly rude question about her fellow women in the workplace: “might we dare to ask ourselves if they are serving the greater good or just fucking with us?” Well that’s certainly going to ruffle some hen-feathers. But maybe they need a little ruffling.

I am woxan!

A Voice for men welcomes new contributor Diana Davison, a Vintage Goth who has been through the full cycle of life; a blue pill upbringing, early adulthood in the middle of feminist culture, and the red pill awakening that eventually led her to the pages of this website. Welcome, Diana!