Jim Muldoon

Coming soon: feminist porn

Boys are watching too much smutty porn on the internet, resulting in sexist attitudes toward women and putting themselves in danger of going blind, or so thinks Nikki Gemmell from Australia. She says the solution to is to create a new genre of respectful “feminist porn” for the masses.

Chivalry to save us from “The Reality”

There has been a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth in Camp Feminist over the sacking of former Prime Minister Julia Gillard in Australia. Is seems those mean old misogynists are at it again, and White Knights are needed to ride to her rescue – but only the crickets seem to care. Jim Muldoon explores “The Reality” – the real one. Can’t a weak widdle damsel get a break these days? [Illustration by Europa Phoenix]

Superiority in the name of equality

It is accepted wisdom that women are and always have been oppressed. Indeed, this belief is so common it doesn’t even qualify as “feminist” anymore. Jim Muldoon suspects he might enjoy being oppressed. We think we might like being oppressed too; it looks like a pretty good gig. [Illustration by Europa Phoenix]