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The Beard Gotham Deserved

VarmitCoyote, a typical blue-piller, was destroyed by GirlWritesWhat, SparkyFister, Victor Zen and other MHRAs, MGTOWs and anti-feminists for his video called I Can’t Not Be a Feminist. Once VC saw that there were roughly 7 dislikes for every one like his video earned, he retracted his statements in the spirit of learning from his mistakes. Or so he claimed.

Harvey Silverglate of F.I.R.E.

F.I.R.E. is an organization that has been confronting the evils of academic feminism for years. We reference their work on this website from time to time. This video offers a good profile of one of their founding leaders, Harvey Silverglate. Watching it will be the best 12 minutes you can spend today.