Swiss Stage World’s First Anti-feminism Event

Man, wasn’t just yesterday that I posted a link to the only known sympathetic men’s movement coverage from a mainstream British radio station?

Anti-feminist conference attendee Andersson and wife. This is what an MRA looks like.

Not to be outdone, the good men of Switzerland have opted to take things a giant step further.  They are actually holding an anti-feminist conference and have received interest in the event from at least 30 journalists.  It has caused so much concern among Swiss fembots that the men have taken the event underground in order to forestall any planned protests or disruptions.

Feminists in Zurich, already outraged by the event, have taken to the streets, passing out leaflets and vandalizing public property.

It is really interesting.  In a recent phone conversation I had with MenZ Magazine publisher Factory, we were discussing the exponentially accelerating activity in the men’s movement, something that has become palpable in recent days.  We both made our predictions on when the misandry bubble would burst.  My pick was three years.  He chose six months.

I think we are a lot closer to his prediction than mine.

I could continue to hammer out some commentary on this event, to do what I am used to doing with media treatment of men’s issues, which is to read between their convoluted lines and sort the facts out from misandric slant.  But in this case, it isn’t even necessary.

There is actually a fair treatment of the upcoming event right here.

Read for yourself.

It seems that Europe is becoming the epicenter of the men’s movement.  I have only three words to say to that.

Export. Export. Export.

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