Stick 'em up!

Here’s another easy way to feel good while poking fembotulism’s hairy eyeball. Just keep a few stickers on your person and when the opportunity presents itself, strike. This could mean putting a sticker on a..
…feminist poster.
…flyer (indoors or outside).
…bulletin-board in the campus “women’s center.”
…brochure in an unemployment office.
…snail-mail letter (you never know who will see it!).
…space above a urinal or restroom stall door.
…telephone pole.
…public trash barrel.
…grocery store display, can, box, fruit, etc.
And so on.
It might be wise to get permission first in some cases. In others, not so much.
Perhaps others can suggest further places to target in the Comments section below.
In any case, in addition to using current AVFM labels, you can make your own using Avery Labels:
or maybe order some via online services like Vistaprint:
You could print on regular paper, hand-cut them into squares, and use scotch tape…but pre-cut self-adhesive ones make it easier to “hit-and-run.”
I created some decades ago using return-labels advertised in Sunday papers. They were small, made to stick on old-style envelopes (perhaps they still exist). The first shows them together at relative real-life size:!190&authkey=!ADyABRFdQ9bhDyA
The following are magnified a bit to make them more readable for you:!191&authkey=!AJi4F9h9e82GJzc!192&authkey=!AG0Fd5L2Kc5pyRA!193&authkey=!AODljsRv9F_Hvug!194&authkey=!APqz2_KezN_LaLE
Now, instead of just listing AVFM and its URL, why not ask an intriguing question, too…like:
  What’s a “White Knight”?
              Find out at
Or try different lines, perhaps more than one on a sticker:
Blue pill or red?
Sick with feminist flu? The cure is AVFM!
What power do men have that women don’t?
Of course, bigger stickers can have more words:
Women can vote. Unlike men, they have no duty to defend that right.
Tired of such feminist double-standards?
A female teacher has sex with her male student. He’s considered “lucky.”
A male teacher has sex with his female student. She’s considered raped.
Tired of feminist “equality”?
The point is to keep it simple: tweak interest and offer a website address for more information.
Who knows, maybe AVFM stickers can become the new “Kilroy was here!” in the Gender War:

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