Remember – BOYCOTT Valentines Day

As we are roughly one month away from another shopping extravaganza for the sake of pleasing women, it seems an auspicious time to remind readers that Valentines Day is to be avoided for what it is; a socially coerced day of hyper-entitlement for a generation of princess leeches.

If you are a man in a relationship and you like doing nice things for your partner, fine. There are 364 other days in the year to do it. Just don’t do it on February 14th. And by the way, if you think loving someone means your wallet comes out while her purse remains closed then you will delighted to know that A Voice for Men will be selling monogrammed knee pads in the near future.  All we need is the circumference of your knees and what sort of flooring is in your bedroom. We expect an endorsement from Joe Biden.

For some of you it may be hard to face this. You may be with a woman that is there waiting for her yearly take in gold, diamonds or something else equally valuable and liquid. And it is no wonder with the world around you adding to the pressure she is putting on you. Consider this:

A correction is needed here gentlemen. It would be better to say that every blowjob begins with Kay. After all, those full, moist lips they are promising you on the ad can go in quite a few places, and likely will if the tennis bracelet has enough carats.

But underneath all this is something actually a little darker.  Not all men are getting blowjobs and other forms of sex for the presents on Valentines Day so much as they are getting a reprieve from constant nagging and criticism, if they happen to get the right present.  Nobody wants to talk about it, but Valentines Day, for far too many men, is actually Lighten Up and Don’t be such an Insufferable Bitch Day, but only if you get the present right.

Women are seriously invested in this shit, guys.  Single women, or women with men who won’t hit florists and jewelery stores when instructed, have been known to send flowers to themselves at work on Valentines Day just so they won’t seem like such a loser to their co workers.

It is not just a matter of entitlement, but one of self esteem.  And as most readers of this site already know, anyone who depends someone else making a trip to Zales or FTD in order to feel good about themselves has serious fucking issues.  Feeding that on Valentines Day is like handle a bottle of Jack Daniels to your local sot.

He is only going to come back looking for more, and he won’t quit till his liver gives out.

For men who are still interested in any kind of romantic involvement with women Valentines Day is a perfect day to assess what your values are and how easy or difficult it is to shame you into financial servitude.  It is also an opportunity for you to understand that you get what you attract.

I used to counsel groups of men. It was a tough job getting them to be honest about women because of fears that putting reality on the table would drive women away.  But with time almost all of them came to admit their constant frustrations with the pressures to to keep pleasing their women, especially where it concerns materialism.

But when they did I was compelled to ask them to describe their behavior early in their relationships.  Almost without exception the men who were the most frustrated with financial pressures were also men who had entered those relationships wallet first, making sure Princess felt like a princess every minute of the day.

In other words, they went fishing with stink bait and caught bottom dwellers.  And then they ended up silently stewing over it.

They got exactly what they paid for and nothing less.

So, gentlemen, if you want your kisses to begin with Kay, please allow me to suggest a prostitute, or at least a woman that admits that is what she is. They may not actually kiss you, but I am thinking their skills in the fellatio department are considerably more developed. And when they are done they will go away!

How cool is that?

But you might also want to start thinking about the fact that Valentines Day, along with modern romantic relationships in general both add new (and improved) meaning to the term “buying yourself problems.”

Someone else already officially started off the Valentines Day Boycott.  It is time for the rest of us to finish it…off.

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