Nothing but organizers at Men’s Rights Rally in Toronto?

We have been amused recently to read from multiple sources that the only people who were at our Toronto Men and Boys in Crisis rally were the organizers.

While most of our critics are irrational and beneath contempt, this short video by Shawn Sutherland–which by the way does not capture everyone who was there, it represents a 1-minute snapshot of some of the people who were there–should tell you all you need to know about such stupid claims.

When it comes to the critics of the Men’s Human Rights Movement, does the stupidity and the dishonesty ever stop? (Don’t answer that, the question is rhetorical.)

We have several more gigabytes of footage of September’s events in Toronto that no one’s had time to do much with. But eventually, eventually, someone will have the time to do more with it, although another great source on the events there is <a href=””>Studio Brule’s channel</a>. –DE

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