Nicole Fabian-Weber placed on offenders registry

According to her profile at Café Mom’s The Stir, Nicole Fabian-Weber, a “Mommy Blogger” with some spotty writing credentials, describes herself in the following way:

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Not that long ago I moved to New York from Los Angeles, where I wrote and worked for shows like What I Like About You and The Big Bang Theory. I’ve written essays for McSweeney’s and Hackwriters, blogged for a bevy of websites, and even had a short-lived affair with copywriting.

I live in a dimly-lit Brooklyn brownstone with my husband and shih tzu.

Spend lots of time online. Don’t eat dairy. Big fan of puppies.

Sipping on: Gin and juice


Let’s add something else to her bio: Virulent bigot glorifying and promoting violence and sexual mutilation. Oh yeah, let’s also add her sorry ass to

In a post recently written on her blog space at The Stir, Fabian-Weber said the following:

A 29-year-old Vietnamese woman, only identified by her surname, Pan, was sick and tired of her husband’s philandering ways and his physical abuse. So she did what any scorned, ballsy woman would do: She waited until he was passed out from drugs and sleeping pills and cut off his penis — with a pair of scissors. Then she threw the severed member in a Taiwanese river like it ain’t no thang.

Afterward, she turned herself into police and allegedly told them that she felt no regret for what she did to her unemployed, drugged-out dirtbag of a husband. Bad. Ass.

There is so much glaringly wrong with this post. I need to point out first that drug addiction is a problem for which many people need help. I know, I spent a significant part of my adult life counseling people affected by drug addiction and alcoholism. I never considered sexual mutilation as a possible intervention, nor do I think most of my peers would have approved of that. Well, most of them.

But aside from that I would also have questioned the circumstances of any male client so unfortunate as to be connected with a woman capable of doing what Pan did.  Anyone capable of that, I assure you, was a terror in other ways long before she made this heinous attack. It is entirely possible that doing drugs and drinking was a coping mechanism the husband fell back on as a reaction to an abusive wife, and that his alleged violence, if it ever happened at all, was in self-defense.

In this I digress a bit, because it is Pan’s sick and disgusting American counterpart that is the real subject of this post. And I am not done with her yet.

After calling the victim of a sexual mutilation a “dirtbag of a husband,” and inferring that his lack of income was part of the rationale for severing his penis from his body and throwing it in a river, she further exposes her own psychopathology with the following:

Then again, I’ve never been pushed to such a point in my life. I imagine women who are actually ready to go through with … the deed have reached a place where they literally have nowhere else to go. They’ve been abused — physically, sexually, and emotionally — for far too long, and cutting off the thing that essentially gives men their power seems like the best option. And it probably is.

Notwithstanding this depraved rationalization, the only proven physical abuse in this case thus far was from this woman, who waited till her husband was unconscious and defenseless, then savagely attacked and disfigured him.

And the post reflects, some female bigots, disabused of the notion that there are any real consequences for violence perpetrated by women (that much is true), are moving past just committing such acts on their own behalf, but into open advocacy in public forums.

At the end of her blog post, she queries her readers with the following:

Do you think cutting off a man’s penis is a suitable punishment after enduring years of emotional and physical abuse?

It is clearly a question that this particular bigot wishes to be answered in the affirmative, as she illustrates with saying “I must admit, I’ve always admired a woman who has the cojones to cut off a man’s weenus. [sic]”

Fabian-Weber, in the spirit of Sharon Osborne and other low-rent versions of humanity everywhere, has just joined the ranks of violence advocates elevating their hatred into the public limelight.

Is this disgusting person going on to You bet your ass she is.  Are we going to have a protracted debate on whether to take her off that registry, should she decide to remove her post, or apologize? NO.

Nicole Fabian-Weber has volunteered to out herself as a hateful ideologue that supports the most deplorable forms of violence, against men, for whatever grievances women might allege to have. She will remain on the registry as long as that unfortunate man does not have a penis.

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