Men’s Rights Edmonton confronts fascists

From the Men’s Rights Edmonton Youtube Channel

On Saturday, September 14, 2013. Members of MR-E were out postering when we caught two individuals tearing down said posters. Camera in hand, we confronted them for clarification on why they feel censorship is an acceptable substitution for an argument.

MR-E would like to know the names of these two women so that charges of destruction of property can be laid against them. Also, the world should know the identities of those who seek to silence and censor messages advocating for human rights.

Publisher’s note: Great work continuing in Edmonton by activists dedicated to challenging the feminist inspired hate in their community. I also note that a woman who vandalizes man’s property and then flips him off when he confronts her about it on a dark street at night only acts in this manner because she is certain she has absolutely nothing to fear. Feminists terrified of MHRAs? My ass. PE


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