Mainstream acceptance is for losers

Please forgive me if this sounds rambling. It’s very busy these days for me. I am writing this on the fly and I won’t have time to fine tune it before posting.

There are two recent items addressed here at A Voice for Men that have a certain corollary that I would like to point to for a moment.

First, we have the recent fact that the hacks at Wikipedia deleted the page submitted regarding Thomas James Ball, as irrelevant. And second, recent comments from a valued reader suggested that I tailor my language, if not tone, to suit mainstream sensibilities.

Yes, that would be the same mainstream that sees Thomas James Ball’s horrifying death as irrelevant. The same mainstream that gives us VAWA, Hanna Rosin, family law, mandatory arrest policies, primary aggressor laws, the media that ignored Ball’s death, and the masses of blue pill popping automatons that watch all this and then ask such compelling questions as “Hey, have you tried the new cheese covered whacky fries from Whacky Burger?!?”

To me, the situation at hand is self-evident.

We don’t need to appease mainstream sensibilities. We need to continue to create an environment where the term, “mainstream sensibilities,” is exposed for the fucked up oxymoron that it is.

The mainstream has no sensibility. The mainstream is a bunch of mindless, programmed consumers of organic and electronic garbage.  After all, they are stupid enough to think feminism is about equality, are they not?

Most of us here know all this, but I have to keep repeating it, so I am creating this article to have a permanent place to refer people who ask me to consider playing nice with sociopathic politicians, brutal, corrupt police, and especially the soulless blue pill morons that infest the mainstream media.

To anyone who feels like I should mold myself for respectability of the morally bankrupt and hopelessly misandric please be advised that if there ever was a question about that in my mind, it has been answered with the death and continued, posthumous dehumanization of Thomas James Ball.

Let me put it another way. Mainstream sensibilities are the problem. How the fuck can we hope to solve that problem by appealing to compassion and decency where it does not exist?

Do we dress up our grievances in nice polite language and stand with our hats in our hands waiting for scraps from the table of human rights?


I think there is a much better approach than that, and it all is a matter of mentality; of how we see ourselves, and how we see “them.”

First, we ARE the fucking media.  The current events pornography of network and cable news has nothing at all to do with what is happening in the real world.  Everything they do is illegitimate and awash with conspicuous lies. But they continue to have legitimacy because we attribute even the least amount of importance or credibility to them.

And they are dying…a slow but well deserved death.  Every day people turn more and more to the net for their news and information.

Think, brothers and sisters. Break out of their bullshit!  We must learn to view them as the world currently views men and boys; in strictly utilitarian terms.

In other words, our only purpose is to use them when we can, totally trash or ignore them when we can’t. But never, ever, ever seek to placate or align with them.

Never seek their “acceptance.”

Why? Because they really do reflect the mainstream world view.  They sell misandry and male disposability because that is what the culture wants to buy.

Our “product,” is for a growing elite. We are uniquely gifted in that we can not only see through the falsity of the misandric system, but we can also see through the trap of biology and how it relegates men to lifestyle subservience.  We will never be mainstream, but we will become a large and flourishing subculture.

And we grow, not by finely crafted and gentlemanly debates, but, as Dan Moore once said, by (figuratively) “stripping the skin off our opponents and laughing at their mewls of pain.”

I don’t know if Thomas James Ball ever visited this site. I suspect he may have, but I will never know for sure.  What I do believe is, though, that he, if convinced to stay alive, would have been a hell of a solider in this war.

A man like him still living would have been their worst nightmare. And if he was willing to self immolate to make a point, I don’t think a few F-bombs would have deterred him.

I think, as the war against men rages, there will be more and more men like Mr. Ball.  And as AVfM grows, we will start to reach them before they reach for gasoline.

Using the word FUCK won’t stop us.

Using words of anger and outright hostility, though, will help.  We will often reflect their feelings with our content, not dilute them.

So if it were not clear before, let me make it so now. The official policy of this website is:


With sincere respect to good MRA’s who feel differently, I can only say that I don’t think you are seeing things clearly.

When we are big enough, and for certain we will be, the MSM will be all over us, trying pathetically to undermine our growth. We will use it to hurt them and gain more followers.

But first we have to bulk up and cause some more pain.

As most of you know, Manuel Dexter and I have been very busy with a low profile project of late (actually it is mainly Manuel).  It will not turn the tide in this war, but it will certainly fire a serious, NOTICED shot across the bow of their flagship.

To be sure, for some feminists, it will fuck their shit up.

And it is hardly the last thing we have in mind.

It will come with a full announcement this Tuesday on AVfM Radio.

In the meantime, to those saying that I should tone down or talk nice, your words have been heard, respected and respectfully declined.

This is fucking war.

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