London Irish Centre Says No to Radfems



London Irish Centre Says No to Radfem 2013 Conference

Radfem, the radical feminist group whose members espouse a fascist, sexist and violent ideology have been ousted, yet again, from their planned convention centre. Last year, Conway Hall banned Radfem 2012 by citing that their exclusionary policy was at odds with UK legal obligations. This year, it was the London Irish Centre’s turn to reject Radfem after they were awoken to the reality of inviting the pro-violence group into their venue when MRA London, a male human rights activist group and part of “A Voice for Men”, mounted a protest on their doorstep.

MRA London is a peaceful group comprising both male and female members who stand up for the human worth of men and boys. It is also mixed race and includes gay members.

When hearing of Radfem’s rejection, the group’s co-founder, Andy Thomas said, “We don’t believe in shutting down debate. However, it is vital that there is someone speaking up on behalf of men and boys. And for the first time ever, they now have a voice.”

He adds, “This is a victory for men and boys everywhere because the message is clear—the time when their human rights can be trampled on with impunity is now over.”

The Radfem 2013 conference was to feature Cathy Brennan, a prominent radical feminist and a US attorney in Maryland. Until February, 2013, she was also the owner of the now defunct website, Radical Hub—a site which featured calls for child murder, extermination, and male eugenics.

In 2011, A Voice for Men in the United States offered a $1,000 reward for the real identity of a Radical Hub contributor “Vliet Tiptree”, who was duly identified as Pamela O’Shaughnessy from California—an author of crime novels published by Simon and Schuster. O’Shaughnessy had written a lengthy piece detailing a plan for the “extirpation” of half the human race—the male half.

Sheila Jeffreys, who was to be a keynote speaker at the event, was also regular contributor to the “male eugenics discussion group” on the Radical Hub website. Jeffreys teaches sexual politics at the University of Melbourne, Australia, and has been accused by Dr. Greg Canning of A Voice for Men in Australia, of teaching “hate” across Australian universities.

All prejudice is seen as fashionable and virtuous in its time, and we’ve had 40 years or so of anti-male sentiment in the media and wider culture, so much so that it has become normalised. However, MRA London and A Voice for Men believe that we are witnessing the start of a sea change were, for the first time, radical feminist rhetoric will become universally recognised for the toxic bigotry that it is.

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