Live Update on the Movement to Disbar Mary Kellett in Maine

I have just spoken by phone with members of the delegation of advocates currently in Maine on a mission to present key state officials with the petition to disbar Bar Harbor prosecutor Mary Kellet for an acute and chronic pattern of prosecuting innocent men for domestic and sexual crimes, in a manner reminiscent of, but far exceeding, the infamous Mike Nifong of the Duke Rape travesty.

The members of the delegation, which includes Dr. E Bartlett, Founder of Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (S.A.V.E.), Michael Parrotte, Founder and Director of Victims of Immigration Fraud, Mike Geanoulis, Director of the Comission on the Status of Men- New Hamphshire, and Tatyana Roberts, Vladek Fillers sister, are on a whirlwind tour of advocacy throughout the state government in Maine, half-way concluded at the time this is published.

Their first stop this morning was at the State Attorney General’s Office, where they were received by an aid, who they presented with the petition that bears over 1,000 signatures and calls for an investigation leading to the disbarment of Kellett for prosecutorial misconduct.  The aid promised to bring the petition to the attention of the Attorney General during the 10 minute meeting.

Next the group proceeded to the office of Governor Paul LePage, where they were met by the governor’s Chief of Staff, John McGough. They also presented the petition to McGough during a 20 minute visit, and discussed the fact that 21 men have been prosecuted over the past several years by Kellett, all in a manner consistent with the same tactics she used in the Filler case.  All the men were acquitted, but only after suffering devastating consequences to their families, reputations and financial lives. All this happened at a cost of millions of dollars to the taxpayers of Maine. The team was assured by Chief of Staff McGough that the information would be forwarded to the governor’s Council of Advisors for consideration.

Bartlett described McGough’s reaction as “interested and concerned.”

The group is now breaking for lunch and will proceed afterward to the Bar of Overseers of the Bar for the State of Maine, and then on to the State Senate and State Congress.

Additionally, a press conference for the group has been arranged for tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. at the Penobscott Superior Court at 78 Exchange St. in Bangor, Maine.

Further updates will be supplied by AVfM as they come in.

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