In your face activism – AVfM Radio this Tuesday

The next episode of A Voice for Men Radio, on May 24, 2011 at 8:00 p.m. CST is all about the activism.  In your fucking face activism.

AVfM has demonstrated in a relatively short period of time that small groups of very dedicated activists can get some things done, and quite easily.  We are not yet near the realization of our potential, but we do know one thing for sure.

We are getting noticed, and as much as many mainstream feminists are still trying to pretend we don’t exist, we are making some of them very, very nervous. Recently they have even tried to use a court of law to shut us up.

God I love the sound of that. In fact, I was disappointed that no gag order was issued so that I could defy it with scathing, provocative editorials and a radio special.

But we are well on our way to that, and this show will mark the moment we took the first small step toward the next level.

It’s an all MRA night at AVfM Radio, and if you are an MRA (emphasis on the A) or seriously want to become one, you will really enjoy this show, and you will get a chance to add your good ideas into the mix.

One caveat, with all respect, we benefit most, not from people who want to say what we “ought” to do, but from those want to say what they are willing to do themselves, and what they are doing.

This type of show will become a regular feature on AVfM Radio in the future, so please join me, and your new official co-host JTO for an open discussion about how we are going to get in their faces…and stay there.

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