Domestic violence law is ready for the dump

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February 28, 2012

Why it’s time to kill Joe Biden’s favorite law.


(Dallas) The Violence Against Women Act, a monument to feminist political power, is up for reauthorization. VAWA does nothing for victims of domestic violence, and it’s time to kill it, argues JANICE SHAW CROUSE.

Grounded on the feminist dogma that men are inherently abusive, VAWA wrecks families and tramples civil rights. It funnels hundreds of millions each year to a corrupt domestic violence industry. It indoctrinates judges, prosecutors, law makers, teachers, and school children in an anti-male, anti-family ideology. All that, without protecting abuse victims.

Laws should be based on reality, insists Dr. Crouse. Women are as likely as men to initiate physical aggression. About half of intimate partner abuse is mutual. And extreme interventions by the criminal justice system make many victims afraid to seek help. There’s simply no reason not to have sensible domestic violence laws. VAWA must go.


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Questions for Dr. Crouse:


▪  What is VAWA and what’s wrong with it?

▪  Is there a chance that Congress won’t reauthorize VAWA? Who’s against it?

▪  You say that VAWA hasn’t lived up to its promise. In what ways?

▪  How have VAWA’s sponsors changed the proposed version? Is it better or worse?

▪  VAWA’s opponents are accused of waging a war on women. Are you?

▪  What are the financial arguments against VAWA? Is it a good use of tax dollars?

CREDENTIALS: Janice Shaw Crouse, Ph.D., senior fellow of Concerned Women for America’s Beverly LaHaye Institute, is an international expert on cultural, women’s, and children’s issues. A regular commentator on all major TV networks and a former presidential speech writer, she is the author of Children at Risk and Marriage Matters.

Availability:Washington,D.C., and via telephone.

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Other women are now organizing in opposition to the sexist and destructive legislation known as VAWA

WAVE: Woman Against VAWA

WAVE Facebook Page


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