Canada’s future is our future

AVFM recently posted an announcement from CAFE regarding the upcoming September 27 talk at the University of Toronto by Dr. Miles Groth on outreach to young men in college.

I also mentioned in that post that by all appearances there will be a larger than usual contingent of MHRAs attending that event. Since then the information reaching me indicates that the numbers of MHRAs will be even larger than expected just two days ago.

AVFM is also dispatching Editor-in-Chief John Hembling to Toronto for the event, along with other key Canadian figures in the MRHM to be announced later.

The reason for this response is directly proportional to the importance of the talk by Dr. Groth.

It would be an overstatement to say that any single talk is a make or break moment for the future of men’s human rights. However, the topic of this talk can easily be tied to the future of this movement, and I want to assure you that the feminist opposition is acutely aware of it.

Please consider some other recent events transpiring in Canada. There was the now infamous and shameful feminist protest of Dr. Warren Farrell November 16 of last year when he came to address the boy crisis. Similar, if less strident protests were seen at talks by Drs. Paul Nathanson and Kathryn Young and Dr. Janice Fiamengo.

We saw the outrageous preemptive move by the student’s union at Ryerson University to brand any attempt to address men’s issues outside of feminist control as misogynistic in and of itself, as we saw the two young women and one young man seeking to form a men’s issues group summarily denied their request.

Before that Simon Fraser University moved to quash efforts to start a men’s center, and the Canadian Federation of Students moved to preempt any efforts to expand men’s issues groups across the entire country.

Do not be fooled into thinking that any of this is coincidental.

manfeelzThe efforts in Canada from ideologues to prevent the emergence of men’s issues organizations has represented the most intense, vocal and vitriolic activism on the part of gender ideologues that we have seen over any one issue in recent times and there is a very good reason for it.

To fully understand, it is important to realize the threat that is perceived from campus organizations addressing issues of sex and gender when those organizations reject the tenets of feminist dogma and opt to support men and boys rather than reinforce the ideological perspective that they simply need to be managed, controlled and reinvented.

These new men’s organizations represent a shift in consciousness that could lead to the academic feminist’s worst nightmares, e.g. scrutiny and possible rejection of feminist theory on a wider scale, the subjective pursuit of research on human males that is conducted outside the ideological control of the feminist establishment and the popularizing of the idea on college campuses that feminism has it wrong.

It is not just the ego driven protection of their sacred cows that has them worried. There is much more at stake. And frankly, they are quite correct to be concerned.

If the honest, scholarly investigation of men and masculinity ever happened free of the fact-avoidant constraints of hegemonic feminism the resultant research leaving our schools and finding its way into our media, government and public policy would be economically and politically disastrous for the feminist establishment. Their programs, legislation, organizations, etc., all depend on feminist theory, which has become hopelessly corrupt and easily debunked. Feminist control of academic discourse would be publicly devastated  by the research that the non-ideological study of men and masculinity would certainly provide.

Consider the implications. Consider that each convoluted statistic, from the 1 in 4 rape myth, to the wage gap myth, to the Duluth Model and more have all emanated from our institutions of higher learning. There has never been a force within our schools to create and run departments, issue degrees and fund research that directly address the issues of men and boys. Consequently the only data to which media, policy makers and the sound bite hypnotized public became privy has been from ideological feminists.

It is academic feminism’s unchallenged control that has spread its ideology and its corruption through the culture at large without opposition.

Groups like CAFE and others represent the beginning of end for that paradigm whether they know it or not, which is the real reason we have seen the violent and vitriolic reaction. Any voice for men and boys on the modern campus is a viable threat to those whose bread and butter is in the demonization of that part of our population. That is the fear driving the feminist reaction. It is the source of energy underneath all the chanting, threats and hyperbole.


This is why the talk by Dr. Groth, who is also the driving force behind the New Male Studies initiative, is so important.

It is why AVFM is continuing methodical preparations with NCFM on the development of men’s issues groups as the most or one of the most important forms of activism we have ever undertaken.

The long term future of the men’s movement absolutely hinges on the future success of the establishment of non-ideological study of men and masculinity and the badly needed research that will provide the world with an entirely different view than they have been getting for half a century.

If gender ideologues can keep MHRAs from having a voice in their own education and their own collegiate social sphere, if they can ensure there is no counter-theory to the prevailing dogma, it makes it much easier for them to justify denying the development and implementation of fields of study that will eventually bring some parity back to the realm of gender politics. That parity is their kryptonite, and they know it.

For whatever unique set of reasons, this struggle has come to play out in Canada. Whether it is because Canada has more issues with feminist hegemony, and thus more reason to react, or because Canada happens to have some of the more brilliant minds on men’s issues we don’t know. But for whatever reason, Canada is now unmistakably the field for this cultural battle.

Canada’s future is the future of us all, at least in the west. It is where our struggle to restore sanity between the sexes has begun in earnest.

For those Canadians, and there are many of you, that support the work we do at AVFM, I encourage you to attend this lecture on September 27 and to offer your support for Dr. Groth and those hosting the event.

Our presence there and reporting on their activities has clearly dampened their willingness to engage in more blatant efforts to disrupt these events. However, you can almost count on some effort on their part. Somewhat like Mafiosos, they will do what they can to protect their territory, even if most of the useful idiots acting on their behalf have no clue what they are doing.

As always, please follow the example of those who have showed our presence there in the past. Do not respond to provocations. Always Be Recording. Walk away from their attempts to physically confront and intimidate. Seek police assistance if it is required. Above all, remember who you represent and why. Ours is not the way of thugs and bullies.

We will be watching this event closely, and will be reporting back to you of course with any new information or details.

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