Update: The latest on the Vladek Filler trial

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With high hopes I am happy to report that things appeared to go very well for Vladek Filler in his trial this week. He testified on his own behalf, and his son was allowed to testify as well.

It is clear from reading this article in the Bangor Daily News that not only is Ligia Filler’s testimony coming under severe scrutiny, her conduct as a lying, child abusing con artist is finally being put on display in front of a jury.

I am cautiously optimistic about a not guilty verdict, perhaps as early as today. But I am also aware of the crushing power of accusation from a crying woman (Ligia reportedly turned the faucets on good and proper- as she was caught being advised to do on camera).

Perhaps, with any luck and just a hint of real justice, Ligia Filler’s name will be the first one entered in our false accuser registry.

I would love to enter the keystrokes myself.



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