ZetaCamp Announcement

If you agree with what you’ve been reading at AVFM, and have been joining the fight, then we want you to join us for the first ever MRA meeting of its kind. And if haven’t yet got your hands dirty or your knuckles bloody, this is the point where you stand up.

Paul Elam, Keyster, JTO and other active MRAs are organizing the first annual Zeta Men’s Summit – taking place during July 20-21-22 of 2012 in the Indian Peaks wilderness area in Colorado.

As Keyster has in so many words put it, this will not be a stroll in the park.  We will be hiking at 9,500 feet in elevation in country that can and does snow in July. But to get away from KOA’ers  and the rest of the blue pill world, we have to push to get there.

It will be more than worth it for those that come.  But there is more.

If you stand for human rights, men’s rights, stand up now and earn your ticket. This blast into the rocky mountains is for active MRAs – and nobody else. Make history, make your presence known, and make the feminist establishment crap its collectivist panties.

By active we mean doing things. Do you have a blog? Do you write articles for here or other MRA sites? Do you contribute artwork or music or even a little cash in the tip jar at places like AVfM and S.A.V.E..?

Are you prepared to do a one man poster/sticker drive?

The point here is not to tell you what to do for the movement but that we want MRA’s that are actually doing something, anything, more than just talking in these forums.

There will be plenty of opportunities in the near future for anyone to help who wants to. You don’t have to give money, but you can help with things as simple as we saw from MRA’s in THIS THREAD.

Just like the walk to that campsite in the mountains, the walk toward our shared goals is not easy and cannot be done on your ass.  That is not meant to offend anyone, and likely won’t, except for those on their asses.

If we have not scared you off; if you are an MRA that wants to join us on we think will be a historic walk, then send us an email to zetacamp@ymail.com telling us what you do, or what you are willing to do to help in the fight against misandry, and that you would like us to count on your attendance.

We would be proud to have you aboard.

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