Welcome Daniel Martinez

Thanks to the collective efforts of some of the best writers and thinkers in the MRM, avoiceformen.com has experienced significant growth, especially since the start of 2011.

It is true that we have been aided by a few useful idiots in the MSM, along with exponential growth in the MRM generally. But one relevant fact remains: venues that buck conventional wisdom and PC mandates go nowhere without compelling provocative, content. That has been provided by our contributors, both in the feature articles and in the comments.

AVfM will quite likely receive 1,000,000 more visits by this time next year, and this from a site that took its first four months to get 50,000 visits.

It is not just growth, but growth that requires further organization and effort.

To that end I have invited Daniel Martinez of Derechos de los Hombres blog to come on board as Managing Editor for AVfM.

I am quite happy to inform you he has accepted.

I first encountered Mr. Martinez when he approached me a year ago seeking permission to translate my articles into Spanish and disseminate them to the Spanish speaking world.

Since then I have witnessed him doing that with my work and that of several other well-known MRA’s, both in text and subtitled video presentations.  His work, as I have directly observed, is tireless.

Mr. Martinez, a resident of Ecuador, is a finance expert and an academic.  His talents as a linguist and editor are also top notch.

While we will be working as a team, Mr. Martinez will take over general responsibility for screening, editing and posting all content to the site, as well as comment moderation and maintaining adherence to TOS.

He has my full trust and support for those duties.

His presence here will also allow me the opportunity to keep pace with the demands of the new radio show, as well as more actively pursue pushing our message into other venues.

I understand there may be questions.  Both Daniel and I will be here to answer them. So without further adieu let me say, “Bienvenidos, Señor Martinez.”

And thank you for your willingness to step up and help.

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