Well it is that time again. I can hear the sighs from here that came with seeing my name on this article. Yes, it’s time for another of Stu’s rants about the importance of funding for the MHRM, and more specifically, AVFM.

I haven’t been around very much of late, at least not commenting much, like I usually am.  I have however kept up with what is happening, and conversed with several MHRAs about recent developments. So I am up with most of what has been happening, and there is no doubt about it, the movement is going forward and a lot of what is happening is due to the activists who are part of, or affiliated  with AVFM.  There is no doubt in my mind, that the many thousands I have given to AVFM, and associated individuals has been put to good use.

I’ve had a very hectic and horrid few months since the last fundraiser.  I’ll tell you all a bit about that in order to give some insight into my feelings about the MHRM, and AVFM, and specifically the importance of the continued growth of both. This includes the growth of funding, without which I’m sure the growth of activism and effectiveness of our movement is not even possible.

The biggest change in my life recently is that I am no longer in a defacto relationship.  Fortunately for me, my ex is a strong, independent woman and an anti-feminist. She is also a supporter of the MHRM and AVFM. No lawyers, no courts, not even verbal arguments.  A big part of the reason for the split is the increasing feminist innovations to family law, which now strips men of practically all rights in their homes, and to their financial independence and autonomy in favour of giving women ever increasing control over everything in the relationship.

Although my partner would never make use of these draconian laws, I felt increasingly uncomfortable merely being in a position where they applied to me, or could be applied to me. Basically I will not live in a cage, no matter if that cage is left open and unlocked, no matter if the cage is constructed by my partner or by others, like the government.

I also envision that the laws are going to get much worse and that the net will be cast ever wider in order to net more and more phoney victims and phoney perpetrators for the meat grinder that is the bullshit abuse industry. This industry now employees tens of thousands of beneficiaries who rely on abuse farming in order to secure their careers, pensions, enabling the parasitism that defines their lives.

The other reasons involve a change of heart on her side, on some long held future plans which I had worked towards for many years.  This was so disappointing to me that it left me feeling very depressed and was basically the nail in the coffin.

Like I said, no lawyers, no courts, no arguments, just an agreement reached on our own and a fair split and clean break.  But just because there is no lawyers and courts involved does not mean there is no cost.  By the time things were split up, and I brought the house I live in now, the buying costs, and selling costs of the sale of some other assets to put towards this place, and the many repairs and renovations I need to undertake to bring this god forsaken dump up to standard, I would say I’m at least $200K poorer then I was at the last fundraiser.

It’s pretty much been one thing after another for me lately, almost like I have been cursed.  Numerous unexpected bills and expenses seemed to just keep popping up from nowhere.  Then there was the car accident I had during moving house, then realizing that with everything that was going on, I had forgot to renew my insurance, and thus, had to pay for the lot out of my pocket.  A few days after moving in here, I got robbed. It’s just gone on, one thing after another.  I’ve been haemorrhaging money like you wouldn’t believe.

This all sounds like an excuse for why I am not able to donate anything this fundraiser doesn’t it?  It is not, and I will be haemorrhaging some more money before the fundraiser is over, although, perhaps not as much as I would have liked.

To be sure, there are many things right in front of me that I could spend that money on to make myself more comfortable.  The carpet is going threadbare in places, the vinyl tiles have cracks running through them from age, and movement of the floor boards that they no doubt were laid directly on, many years ago.  The heating system failed, there are fences that need replacing, the curtains are dog shit, there are roots growing in my sewage pipes, and many other repairs I will have to make.   But if everyone was to wait until they had everything they wanted before giving to the movement, there would be no money at all.

Maybe after I upgrade my TV to that 100 inch 3d model, then I can spare some money, or maybe then I’ll get that new lounge suite I want and leave it until after that.  Then again, there is the home theatre system I could save the money for.  How about a lifetime supply of cheese covered wacky fries?

Yes, there is a never ending list of wants that you can spend the money on.  But donating is about forgoing stuff you want, to get something else you want. In this case, more activism for men and boys, and more hope that things can be better in the future.

For all those men and women who are writing great articles, making great videos, and partaking in feet on the ground activism, I salute you, and would never ask you to donate your money on top of what you are already doing, although many of you are.  What you are doing comes at an opportunity cost in time, effort, etc.., that could see you make more money if that time was spent on activities that generated income.

For all those that do not have the time, skills, talents, or will, to do those things, there is a way you can turn some of whatever you do for a living, into activism for men and boys.  It’s magic really.  It’s like turning lead into gold.  It doesn’t matter if you pick up garbage for a living, or build roads, or work on a production line in a factory.   You can turn some of the labor that you do, into A grade activism for men and boys.  This is what I do.  It doesn’t’ matter if it’s a few bucks, or a few thousand bucks, it all counts, and it all goes towards the activism you see covered on this site.  So you don’t think you can make a difference because you’re just a taxi driver, or a construction worker, and don’t have the skills or charisma of people like Paul Elam, Dean Esmay, Karen Straughan, John Hembling, Dianna Davison, or any of the other great activists here at AVFM.

If you think that, you are wrong.  Your labor, no matter what it is, can be turned directly into great activism, great articles, and great videos, by supporting those that can do, and are doing those things with whatever you can donate.

There are many thousands of viewers watching judging by the page views for the site.  And there has been quite a bit to watch and get excited over recently.  The lecture at the U of T next Friday, and the protest at Queens Park next Saturday are just two examples of how the MHRM and AVFM are bringing men’s issues into the public spotlight.  There is also the documentary that is being produced which promises to be a very positive and informative view of our movement, focusing on AVFM.  There is Paul’s 20/20 interview which has been recorded and is yet to air.  We are attracting more writers, more speakers, and affecting public opinion everywhere as evidenced by the growing opposition that feminists are receiving in response to their MSM articles and various blogs where they sprout man hating rubbish and women as victim propaganda.

I’m asking all of you spectators to do more then watch, and cheer from the sidelines.  Be part of the growing movement you are watching.  Own a piece of the action.  Help make things happen.  And then watch though the eyes of someone who has been part of what you are watching.  Watch the Toronto footage, knowing that your donations helped send the activists there.  Read about the Perrette debacle, knowing that your dollars helped to pay for the investigations that needed to be done to have the information to write about, and bring to public attention.

For my contribution to this fundraiser, I pledge $1,000 dollars, which will be paid before the fundraiser is finished.


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