Some weekend thoughts and two bullies

Just a note to wish everyone a good weekend. It has been a very busy week for the men’s movement, and for AVfM in particular. We have every reason to believe that next week will be even busier, as the backlash for publicly profiling the violent ideologues at the University of Toronto will likely pick up a little steam.
I was interviewed by Sarah Del Giallo of the National Post yesterday regarding the series of articles we have run. One of the questions she posed was more of an observation that the people at U of T we have profiled were all women. I explained, quite honestly, that we dealt with the information that came in to us as it happened, and that as our ongoing investigation uncovers the identities of men engaged in illegal activity at that protest, we will cheerfully give them their due attention on this website.
Some of that information has started to come in. But as always we want to appeal directly to readers to add to the portfolio with whatever information you can gather that we can confirm as accurate.
In that spirit, I offer you this snip from the now viral video of the event.

It is a picture, courtesy of our friend Scatmaster, that really does say 1000 words. The man who you see from the back is the one that was trying to attend the lecture to find some peace with the fact that two of his male friends had committed suicide within a very short period of time. Note the looks on the faces of the men blocking his way. Note the intimidation and threatening posture of both of them.
They are blocking his free entrance through a doorway. Their action is illegal, and in my personal opinion, cowardly and despicable.
And in the video you can see the gleeful taunting and clapping of the already identified Vanja Krajina as the dejected young man is lead away from the thugs by police.
These are two white knights acting as feminist muscle against a man for the egregious offense of wanting closure on his grief and loss.
These are precisely the deplorable type of individuals who need to be publicly named and shamed for their actions.
My wish for everyone’s good weekend was sincere, but there is obviously still much to do.

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