Paul on Radio 3Fourteen

From the Radio 3Fourteen show page:

Paul Elam, founder of discusses the biggest issues men currently face, namely feminist ideologies and the psychological war against men. Paul explains how he woke up to anti male sentiments in politics. He points out areas where men are victims of discrimination and in which female abuse of men is facilitated by law. We converse on egalitarianism and the notion that government should resolve our conflicts.

We’ll also discuss the early days of feminism and what they were after verses the feminists of today. He talks about feminist ideological agendas that are contradictory. In early human survival it was considered that men were disposable and women were a rare resource, due to their reproductive ability. This old view of gender roles is still in play today and men are considered disposable. We address male (and female) violence, rape accusations, and the idea that the patriarchy has been responsible for all evils against women.

We discuss more areas where men are demonized by feminist propaganda, including within academia, which is at the root of the problem. We’ll continue on violent feminist groups and how consumer society is catering to please women. Later, we’ll discuss healthy relationships, the family unit and individual responsibility. What is real and what is an artificial construct in our male/female relationships?

Paul explains how the lack of male role models in young children’s lives is leading to an extraordinary level of psychological problems. Also, we address circumcision, the mutilation of male genitalia. We end the hour on violent patriarchal Gods.

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