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Hi kids! Did you have a fun weekend? Have you been away lately? We’ve had just a whole barrel of goodies since last Monday that you ought to check out:
John Hembling, well-known atheist, nevertheless finds himself considering the problem of human evil, and ruminates on some of his recent experiences dealing with it face-to-face. Facing down dragons is the stuff of fantasy, but in such fairy tales are often a grain of truth: having the courage to face something destructive and wicked in human form is probably often harder than any non-human monster.
Speaking of having the courage to face monsters, if you want to see what a “real man” (by which I mean a genuine human being) does when he’s got the strength to tell his story rather than stay silent out of fear of being mocked and shamed, don’t miss She Beats Me. If you watch only one video this week, share only one video with people you know, make sure it’s that one.
Evil may take on overt, manifest, obvious forms in the face of violence and a system that enables it, but sometimes it shows up in more subtle ways. Suzanne McCarley notes how it percolates even into recent advertisements. This time Samsung is the culprit. Philosophical question: is that sort of thing a driving force for misandry, a symptom of it, or a little of both? My guess is “symptomatic” but you tell me.
By the way, for all those women who complain that life sucks when your value is based on your physical attractiveness, Jason Gregory wonders if you’ve ever pondered what life is like as a utility object. I get so tired of people who roll their eyes at that question, as if it’s just inherently obvious that being sexually desired for your body is such a greater hardship than being sexually desired for how much cash you can produce, not just now but for the rest of your life.
The seemingly neverending (and ever-pointless) “war” between MGTOWs and MHRAs recently reared up again. I find most such discussions tedious and pointless but maybe they do have a point. Robert O’Hara (MGTOW himself) and James Huff had a long and passionate show on the subject recently, and Paul Elam also had an interesting conversation with MGTOW thinker Stardusk about it on another show.
Returning to the topic of evil, however, we shouldn’t forget that all throughout history the Stalinist urge to silence dissent is ever-present in human affairs, and we see this ugly dragon rearing its head again, this time by Gender Ideologues who seek to censor what they call “misogyny” on Facebook–but can’t think of anything to say about misandry, natch. This story is being updated nearly daily with more breaking all the time, but be sure to see Facebook hates women, It’s on, and Evaluation of WAM! signatures. The last one is particularly interesting as it reveals the mounting evidence that people receiving government funding are behind the effort to censor the largest social media portals in the world. Is it hyperbole to call this the most identifying feature of fascism? Well, I guess if you don’t count fashion accessories, what’s left? And why would you think these people wouldn’t actually start using violence to get their way if they had the power to? Because they’re “just women?”
Pauley Perette of NCIS fame is a rich psycho stalking and abusing her ex-husband and using the legal system to do it. Pauley Perette of NCIS fame is a rich psycho stalking and abusing her ex-husband and using the legal system to do it. Pauley Perette of NCIS fame is a rich psycho stalking and abusing her ex-husband and using the legal system to do it. Pauley Perette of NCIS fame is a rich psycho stalking and abusing her ex-husband and using the legal system to do it.. Oh, and in case I didn’t mention it, Pauley Perette of NCIS fame is a rich psycho starlet stalking and abusing her ex-husband and using the legal system to do it. Or so a mountain of evidence suggests. In case you hadn’t heard.
Ass-kicker honeybadger Diana Davison has returned with yet another rumination on the value of “women’s studies” and notes the great narcissism inherent in the very term, and the cultishness that inevitably underlies such self-obsession. Not to be missed.
Dr. Tara Palmatier has WTF fatigue regarding Jodi Arias. Me too.
JudgyBitch is sick of women who harass men for not putting out but demand sex for themselves. Apparently viagra is great thing for men but is oppressive for women, too. Follow the logic? I can’t.
Andy from MRA London notices a video people think is funny but isn’t, and notes at least one probable victim most people probably don’t even notice.
Hey, Italian men: your government hates you. No, seriously, they do.
Also, in case you missed it, PZ Myers likes to tell rape jokes. No, really, he does. He thinks they’re funny. So do all his feminist friends, as long as they’re told by themselves or one of their bootlicking toadies like PZ. Has anyone but me ever noticed that PZ isn’t a skeptic, and barely even qualifies as a scientist? I’ve known people personally who’d had more actual scientific accomplishments by the time they were 25 years younger than he is now. Apparently spewing semi-coherent hate and rage that he can’t back up with anything but dogma about Social Justice are going to be his entire legacy. Oh My Science! Is there any doubting anymore that PZ Myers is the Charles Coughlin of our age?
Hey, wherever you stand on our culture’s modern day “vaccine wars,” isn’t it fascinating that almost no one ever even remarks on the risk of certain cancer-associated viruses when it comes to men. Oh gosh, who cares about men when you have women to worry about, right? Why even mention men, except in an offhand, back-of-the-bus way?
For video fun, there’s always new and interesting stuff appearing in our video section, but some special standouts at the moment include a terrific video featuring AVFM Editor At Large Erin Pizzey uncovered from the vaults, a knockout skewering of the Patriarchy Bullshit by the indomitable Sparky Fister, a great interview with Paul Elam and Victor Zen on starting men’s groups on campus, and Tom Golden’s bias against men and boys in psychological research.
Also, here’s a couple of links from outside AVfM in case you’re getting tired of us: is this article in Slate one of the most wretched bits of self-flagellating misandry you’ve ever seen or what? The interesting thing is, even the feministy Slate readership had problems with it, to look at at least some of the commenters. In other news, here is still more evidence that men instinctively like each other and are instinctively cooperative with each other, and that this is on a biological level not just “socialization.” There’s more evidence than that one little thing, maybe we’ll have to have a whole article on “why men instinctively liking each other is part of our natural makeup.” We’d just need someone to write it. (Do you smell an invitation there?)
And finally, we still want your help on our wiki. Which, thanks to Strix and a whole bunch of great people doing everything from mundane little tasks to staggeringly huge contributions, is turning into a thing of beauty and utility that’s just awe-inspiring. As an example, please read Why I do wiki and what’s a woozle by I.T. Quill. And after you read this, please sign up for the wiki here and then, just to prove you’re serious, click here to request access to edit pages.
And that’ll do it for this week. See ya in 7!

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