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As almost everybody will be aware by now, Paul’s been pushing himself pretty hard the past few months. There’s a lot of work running the site, the radio show, coordinating interviews, conducting research, dealing with media representatives, lawyers and politicians, face-time with El Presidente, and almost never getting enough sleep.

Last week we had to cancel the show as a stomach bug took Paul out of action. There were even a few comments mourning /my/ absence from the weekly broadcast – and while that’s flattering, my honest view on that sentiment is: there’s no accounting for taste. Now however, He’s taking a much needed break for at least a week, and guess who’s left running the shop?

Yep, me.

I will be approving article content on AVFM submitted through the site’s administration, as well as accepting submissions sent by email to articles@avoiceformen.com

In addition – Ive been reviewing and approving Register-Her submissions this week, and while I’ve approved many submitted offender-candidates, Ive deleted a nontrivial fraction of the submissions as well.

Gentlemen and Ladies, typing: “she’s a bitch and she killed her kids” is not an adequate description for entry to the registry. I will not write the entries for you. Please provide —>at least<--- 100 words. More is better, and as always, submissions without reference links will be deleted. And that's the housekeeping taken care of. However, much as I enjoy working with Mr Elam as a part of the editorial team of AVFM – he's a generation older than me, and quite honestly, more conservative in his approach than what could be optimally effective. Now that the old guy's off for the week, It's time to dial up the heat. I'll do my best not to burn the place down [/box]  

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