Normally I loathe the use of exclamation marks. They always seem to be a cheap device used to add an inflection that unskilled writers can’t do just on their facility with words alone.

That being said, holy shit what a month! Incredible!

You will have to bear with me a little because I am still in a surreal state, trying to reach the floor with my feet as I walk in a cloudlike semi-stupor. That is the impact that recent days have had on me. And I have honestly relished every single sleepless moment of it.

But now it is time to get down to bidness, as they say, and down to bidness I am going to get because I want to have A Voice for Men Radio yielding you a return on your investment in thirty days or less.

That means having at least four shows written and produced, as well as two more in pre production before the first show airs. I want to start out well ahead of the game, because as we all have learned in recent days, you never know what sort of thing is going to rise up overnight and change the world.

To get that done, I will be spending all day every day until that production work is done.

So, I won’t be around the site any more than I have to be in order to approve comments, post submissions and give you the occasional update on progress. I have a few article submissions in reserve so we are good for a little while But if you have been writing for AVfM and have something to submit, there has never been a better time for it. And if you have wanted to submit something, but never have, the same thing goes.

I’d like to see the content here stay to at least an article a day, but till I have things in balance the scales will tip toward AVfM Radio.

A couple of items in preparation that you can help with, if you wish. First, you can go to and register as a member. Then you can go to the AVfM show page and send in a friends request to the show. The friends are presented on the show page and I would like nothing more than to have as many friends as possible representing the MRM for all to see.

Also, please notice that in the far sidebar we now have a subscription button that allows you to subscribe to AVfM with recurring monthly donations that range from $5.00 to $50.00 depending on your budget and desires.

In addition to all your magnificent financial support, Keyster has volunteered his considerable expertise (along with his sound studio) to play a mighty hand in producing the sound for the show. Alek Novy, the MRA that has been faithfully producing and updating the donation graphics will also head up the full customization of the show page at Big round of applause for both of these men.

Blog Talk Radio, by the way, is ranked, as of this writing, with a site rating of #2,521 worldwide at, and boasts more than 8 million unique visitors per month. The package you supported us buying is getting AVfM Radio 20,000 impressions per month on the home page plus “featured show” status for additional exposure. It also gives us an embeddable show player so that the show can be listened to live, streaming, on any website.

A player will be embedded here permanently.

There is much work to do, and I am going under now, to get to it. When we get to the point that the show is ready for a starting date, of course you will hear about it here first.

In the meantime, get ready for it. I am not going to quit until every last dollar you have sweated for, and sacrificed for this cause, yields a ROI that will make a feminists head spin like Linda Blair’s in 1973.

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