Erin Pizzey: Ask Me Anything on Reddit

A Voice for Men’s Editor-At-Large and Domestic Violence Policy Advisor, Erin Pizzey, will be doing an Ask Me Anything on Reddit on Sunday, April 14 2013 (tomorrow, as of this writing) at 4pm Greenwich time, 11am Eastern Time here in the US. We would love to have everybody, including as many feminists as possible, as well as anyone interested in domestic violence in general, and of course as many Men’s Human Rights Activists as we can get to show up and show some support for Erin’s amazing life and work:

Please spread word to anyone who is interested in domestic violence, child abuse, men’s issues, women’s issues, and so on, for this rare historic opportunity to ask anything you want of the pioneer of the battered women’s shelter/refuge movement, this early member of the women’s movement of the 1970s, and supporter of the Men’s Human Rights Movement any questions you want. Make your questions light and fun, or as tough and hard-hitting as you want. The one thing we ask is that you be polite and respectful and not engage in arguments with others; this conversation is with Erin, and not any petty squabbles with others asking questions.

We expect the event to run about 3 hours, however Erin says she’ll do it as long as she can and may be back for followup questions in the following days if there’s time. All are welcome, let’s give her as much support as we can!

The thread will appear on Reddit’s Ask Me Anything section 30-60 minutes before the event begins, so just look for her name and she’ll be there, with a friend (yours truly) to help her with typing.

*Urgent Update*: The original version of this article linked to the wrong part of Reddit, make sure if you already bookmarked it or announced it elsewhere to tell people it is going to be at and not the earlier link that just ended in “/AMA”. My mistake, sorry gang!

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