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I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I just need to make a very brief announcement.

I have had several people message me recently with a link to a website that apparently has the identity of the really loud, obnoxious and completely moronic red-headed woman at the University of Toronto protest.

I am asking everyone to cooperate with me in NOT linking to that website, or posting any of her personal details in the comments here. And I am asking moderators to remove any posts like this should they appear. While she is pretty vile as a human being, the only thing we know for sure is that she was exercising freedom of expression. We encourage that, even from the likes of this woman.

It is our policy to seek out and make public the identities individuals who break the law or who indisputably attempt to harass, bully or abridge the free expression of others in the furtherance of their ideology. Since we do that, treating people in the same way for simply expressing opinions that we don’t agree, or for being ill mannered and garish for that matter, defeats what we are trying to accomplish.

I appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this important matter. PE


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