Do You Have a Voice for Men?

Two years ago, when I started A Voice for Men, I had hopes that my single voice would one day become a chorus. There is certainly room for it. More cogent and well articulated commentary is found in the comment sections of men’s movement websites than in any mainstream publications. The men’s movement, I say without reservation, has more raw intellect waiting in the wings than any other place I know.

But inviting in other writers has its drawbacks as well. Message dilution is always a possibility, and so is comment sections that turn into flame wars that I don’t have the time or interest in moderating. In the end though, the more the merrier seems to carry with it some time tested wisdom..

So I am opening up A Voice for Men to literally anyone with something to contribute to the men’s movement. There is a good bit to be worked out in the future, but let’s start with the basics:

You have to be able to write effectively. You needn’t be Hemmingway, but fundamental writing skills are a must. You can have the greatest ideas and perspectives in the world, but if you can’t set them to pen in a way that keeps people engaged, then no one will finish what you have written, or come back to this website.

This is not a place for partisan politics. Period.

This is not a place for woman bashing. That probably needs some clarification. I would love to see some really good pieces on the dark side of femininity as we still have a lot of disinformation about “woman as porcelain princess” that needs to be debunked. My point is that bitches and ho’s diatribes are not the same thing as incisive analysis about what is wrong with women in this culture. OK, lecture over.

Those bare fundamentals being addressed, there are some subjects that I think would be of interest to readers, and very relevant to the mission here.

New World Order– With one caveat. You have to source your info credibly and not sound like you’re wearing a hat made of tin foil.

Ghosting– Underground living; beating the sytem. How to fly under the radar in society or how to beat the 9-5 life of a corporate drone. How to get by on the cheap. Better yet, how to live well on the cheap. The staggering amount of male unemployment and underemployment should make this of particular interest.

Game– Got Game? Share it with us. Game is a powerful tool for men, if for no other reason than the fact feminists regard it as men being tools. Most importantly, it has potential, with development, to becoming a “go to” source on reducing men’s vulnerability to women and an effective way to practice risk management in the gynocracy.

Those are just some of the basics. If you have other ideas, as a prospective writer or from a readers standpoint, let it rip.

This will be a slow process and should be. I intend to be selective and discerning. And I intend to keep the mission I started here true to it’s purpose. That alone makes things tough. The two other major websites that utilize a broad spectrum of writers are Men’s News Daily, where I am Editor-in-Chief, and The Spearhead, where I am also a contributor.

I would like this to be different than both of them. MND has more educated writers than a staff meeting at the Harvard business review, and it remains the flagship publication for the men’s movement for just that reason. The Spearhead, darker and edgier, has a fine collection of writers covering a wide range of topics, and it has a very appealing free for all environment.

Here, I would just like to focus on men understanding, surviving and actually learning to flourish in the misandric Zeitgeist.

If that sort of thing floats your boat, and you can wield a keyboard like a sword, then shoot me an email at Send me a submission or writing sample (no attachments, plain text only please) and let’s add another voice to the choir.


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