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Life is interesting, if anything.

Within the first 72 hours of the recent facelift for A Voice for Men, two key points of interest emerged. One, the new forum allowed me to invite and present other writers in this world of defiant men (along with facing the challenge of finding them).

The other was an unexpected but perhaps inevitable twist. The subject of a connection between members of the gay community and the MRM was approached. (note: I am not particularly fond of expressions like the “gay community,” as it paints a monolithic picture where the reality is at least somewhat different, but you get my point.)

I have always believed that there was value to the idea of an MRM that wasn’t paranoid about homosexuality, and in making inroads with gays that were not misandric and brainwashed by feminism (as though we don’t have the same exact problem reaching straight men).

Personally, I have maintained for years that the real source of resentment and hostility to gay males in this culture is not because they are defective or immoral or dangerous to children, but because they are free from the mandates that straight men face when it comes to protecting and providing for women.

They are the original “Men Going Their Own Way,” which has always made them the object of ire in a culture where men are supposed to be indentured, not free to pursue life without the typical biological chains.

Well, in a supreme, killing two birds with one stone moment, I was contacted by B.R. Merrick, a writer on social issues who identified himself in his introduction as a gay anarchist, among other things. He linked me to one of his pieces which I found impressive enough to run here. In fact, I was so impressed that Mr. Merrick himself is going to run it here because I have invited him to be the first new addition to an incipient community of writers at A Voice for Men.

I don’t want to dwell on Mr. Merrick’s sexuality, nor will A Voice for Men become the “gay arm” of the MRM. And, as you will clearly see in the post he is about to present, he has much more to talk about than that.

But I also think this is an important opportunity that should not be missed, and an important crossroads for many in the movement who would find value in expanding our affiliations, and indeed, in adding to the timbre of our collective Voice.

With that I heartily welcome B.R. Merrick to A Voice for Men. I look forward to the continued original content he has promised to bring to the readers here.

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