Derek Bedry confirms he did not tear down posters

Derek Bedry didn’t do it! – confirmed by Derek Bedry.

On September 9th, AVfM reported on the apparent participation of a “journalist” in a self-identified “femistasi” group action of 25 to 30 individuals tearing down posters reading, in part, “men’s rights are human rights”. This same journalist who conducted a telephone interview with the poster of those posters, which read “men’s rights are human rights”. Bedry then wrote an open-file article[1] claiming MRM connections to terrorists, specifically a man in Norway, and a mentally ill student at L’ École Polytechnique in Quebec who, in 1989 murdered 14 women and 2 men, before committing suicide by shooting himself, twenty-three years ago.

Derek Bedry’s openfile article illustrated the clear connections between a Norwegian mass-murderer, a murder-suicide in Quebec 23 years ago, and the human rights group formed in Vancouver in the summer of 2012 without even a single cited or mentioned source.

In his professional capacity as a “journalist”, Derek Bedry is obviously not the man who looks exactly like Derek Bedry, captured on video tearing down human rights posters, of which Bedry photographed the remnants. Mr Bedry himself has made this clear, in an addendum to his September article identifying the connections between Norwegian and 23 year old french canadian crime, and attributing a motive of sex-crime apologetics, and connecting all this to the newly formed human rights poster-hanging activists in Vancouver, BC.

photo by Derek BedryThe previous reporting on AVfM, identifying Bedry’s participation with armed vandals actions, tearing down posters, and censoring For The Greater Good was obviously incorrect. Bedry apparently did not tear down the posters which he photographed after they had been torn down, featuring the self credited photo with his own article. We know this, because he, or someone else, said so in an addendum to his article.

It is obvious now, after denial by Bedry (or his editor), that the man who looks just like him, depicted in cell-phone video tearing down posters which Bedry – in an unrelated incident – photographed at the site for his article that Derek Bedry’s professional credibility should not be questioned, and we are very sorry for misidentifying him, tearing down the posters he photographed after they were torn down.

“We’re very, very, very, very, very sorry, for impugning Mr Bedry’s character, and his journalistic integrity. And I’m sorry, too,” said John the Other.

We sincerely hope Mr Bedry will forgive the misidentification of himself in cell phone video depicting a man exactly resembling him tearing down posters which Mr Bedry photographed in their torn-down state for his article.

In addition, Mr Bedry is invited to participate in a scheduled debate on September 23, addressing the topic of : Has feminism gone too far?

This is a question which was asked early in September, by a woman of integrity and courage. She posted the question as the premise of a public debate.

In the original event’s plan, three individuals from each side would argue that no, feminism has not gone too far, or yes, indeed, feminism has gone too far.

Sadly, after publication of this planned debate on Facebook, the original organizer was rewarded for her attempt at public discussion by a torrent of abuse and threats.

Apparently some individuals did not want a debate to take place. Not only did these bad-sportsmen not want to participate, they wanted nobody else to either. Abused and threatened, that woman whose integrity and courage moved her to propose a public discussion cancelled the event.

Disappointing as that cancellation was, the good news is that the debate is back on!

With a very special thanks-you to the original organizer,

A Father’s Story [2] and A Voice for Men will be presenting the re-scheduled debate:

“Has feminism gone too far?”

Chris Marshal of CC Motors[3] will be hosting this event at the location of CC Motor Cars.

The debate will be held on Sunday 23 September 2012, 3PM at 1315 Hastings St in East Vancouver, B.C.

In acknowledgement of the obviously mistaken identification of Derek Bedry’s alleged participation in organized censorship and vigilant removal of hateful, traumatizing posters reading “men’s rights are human rights” Mr Bedry is cordially invited to argue for the continued legitimacy, urgency and necessary future escalation of feminism – in the September 23 debate at 1315 East Hastings: Has Feminism Gone too far?

We look forward to a lively and informative discussion with Mr Bedry and other proponents of feminism’s need to go farther than censorship, armed mobs and fantasy-as-journalism, on September 23, 2012.

Additional details of this debate were published on AVfM here[4].

Note, this event is intended as civilized, civil, and friendly discussion, and sharing of views. Although individuals may feel very strongly about their own positions, participants and audience members will be expected to behave with cordiality, and courtesy.

A Facebook page for the event has been created here[5].

To participate as a speaker or to inquire about attendance – please email questions and commentary to

Mr Bedry has not, at this time, denied authorship of the article credited to him on, although further updates may be forthcoming.


Publishers note: After a lengthy investigation, we have determined that it was not John the Other placing the posters up in Vancouver, but simply a man who looks exactly like John the Other, wears his clothing and who happened to be seen at the construction hoarding with posters in his hand on the day in question. Once again. John the Other did not put up those posters. Because we said so. PE

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