Daddy Justice on trial via false allegations

Details on the complete story are sketchy, but we have just been advised that high profile father’s advocate Ben Vonderheide, aka Daddy Justice, is on trial for harassment and disorderly conduct. Daddy Justice is the same activist who was physically assaulted in the halls of the US Senate by feminist ideologue, attorney and VAWA advocate Lisalyn Jacobs during a VAWA conference.

The video footage below includes the recorded testimony of DV advocate Kathy Markley, an employee of the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania “Community Action Committee” for 18 years, who give a very detailed account of her allegations against Mr. Vonderheide.  HOWEVER, also shown is the surveillance video provided by the sheriff’s department of what apparently transpired during the times Markley claims she was being harassed.

If the footage shown here actually coincides with the time that she alleges the mistreatment, then it proves she is a bald-faced liar, trying to trump up charges on Daddy Justice in order to silence him so that the county can continue their court sanctioned child abuse racket unimpeded.

Let it be known from this point forward that if Ben Vonderheide is being railroaded there will be no hesitation on the part of the management of this website to profile every single person involved, regardless of their position in the community or government, and to ensure that as many people find out about their malfeasance as is humanly possible. More to come on this, as this is all we have for now.

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