AVfM launches forum for activists

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As was announced earlier this week on AVfM News with Nurdy Dancing, A Voice for Men is launching an activist forum.

Personally, I really love the idea of doing this. There are several good forums on the internet that form some pretty robust red pill communities, but none until now that are geared primarily for activism. That does not mean that you won’t be able to join and “just talk” about issues. Quite the contrary, I hope MRAs from across the world come to the forum to meet other like-minded people.

There is a post in the welcome area that specifically addresses the basic forum guidelines, but to put it in more casual terms they pretty much mirror things here. The assigned mods are Stu and DannyBoy, with JTO as Supreme Overlord and Destroyer of Worlds. We have room for one more volunteer if the mood to serve strikes you.

Unfortunately we were not able to integrate the new forum into our theme and run it off the current user database, so you will have to go through the agonizing 30 second process and register an account.

As you will see on the home page, we have categories broken down by region. Hopefully over time this will facilitate introductions of MRAs in specific locales and lead to more activism on the ground.

There is also some male space provided where we ask that men only post.

You will also find some of the features we tried and failed to integrate into the website are available and fully functional in the forum. You will have the ability for private messaging, group affiliation and friendship lists, among other things.

Additionally, as more local MRA operations launch, we will be providing locked areas where they can meet and discuss activism initiatives. Of course we remind all activists that “locked” is a relative word on the internet, as I am sure the bot heads over at Radfem can tell you. J I say that to say in advance, know who you are dealing with as much as possible.

This is launch day, so there may be glitches. Please be patient with us as we feel our way through this and begin to bring added features to the service.

So have at it gents and ladies. Please take a minute to go in, register and announce your presence in the introduction thread that has already started.

For many, AVfM has become synonymous with the MRM. I hope to see this forum reach that same level of recognition in the days ahead.

You will find a link to the forum in the masthead now, or you can just click here.



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