Attila Vinczer joins AVFM management team

It is with the utmost pleasure and honor that I am able to announce that Attila Vinczer has been offered, and has accepted, the position of Director of Canadian News and Activism with A Voice for Men.

In this position, Attila will oversee Canadian news reports from the MHRM within the borders of Canada, but even more importantly he will be coordinating events (with our dedicated support) as the official head of all AVFM sponsored Canadian activism.

As no doubt most of you know, Attila recently organized and coordinated the wonderfully successful Rally for Men and Boys in Crisis in Queen’s Park, Ontario on September 28.

As the head of Canada Court Watch,  Attila has extensive experience with activism that targets many of the same issues that we address here at A Voice for Men. He is, at least in my observation and opinion, a remarkable blend of hard work, no-nonsense pragmatism and warm, genuine concern for the struggles faced by men and boys.

In short, he is a hard-edged activist driven by compassion. He is the right man for the job and he will serve as a critically important bridge between Canadian activists and activists from other countries. All of us are proud and excited to add him to the leadership team of A Voice for Men. His acceptance was passed by our board with a conspicuous and enthusiastic lack of dissent.

I ask you to please join me in expressing gratitude to Attila Vinczer for the work his has done and now the work yet to come as a member of the AVFM management team.

These are already exciting times that just got a little more amazing.

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