A special announcement from the news editor


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A Voice For Men is striving to be a reliable and useful news source for anybody interested in issues facing men, fathers and boys. Pursuant to that end we would like to encourage all readers to submit ideas, suggestions and leads to news stories you feel need attention. Also, as the news editor, I would like to recruit people interested in posting as reporters for our service by combing the internet for content as well as covering subjects and stories in their respective localities all over the world.

With a growing number of readers I know that our audience is lumpy with talent. I would like to tap into this talent and use it to make AVFM not only a credible news source for men, but also a respected and cited source for information and news in the broadest sense. There is no reason why this can not be accomplished.

I would like to see coming into my email inbox stories that readers are interested in as well as press releases from fathers and men’s rights organizations worldwide for comment and publication here. I would also like to encourage anybody interested in doing journalism work through research and interviews here as contributors having the title of “Reporter” for AVFM.

The idea is to make the work load light enough for everybody while providing a high quality news service that even those outside of the MRM can take seriously.

Of course there will be rules for posting as a Reporter as opposed to a Contributor posting a commentary. We must have journalistic standards in order to be credible. Citing sources, quoting those sources and brevity as well as reliability will be the focus of any Reporter. This could be something that an individual could do just a couple of hours a week and if they put down their pen for a timer that is ok; they will always be welcome as long as they follow the rules.

For anyone interested in submitting articles as a reporter or just as someone who wants to point out a good scoop just email Robert O’Hara at: vfm_news@yahoo.com



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