Women, you have surely earned It

In May of 2011, I wrote an article called “The ugly truth about women and trust.” I stand by what I said, but since then, there’s been new data to consider, and the topic needs another visit.

Anyone with a passing familiarity with this site will know immediately where this data comes from, but since this is written for the benefit of a female reader, some exposition may be useful.

In July of 2011 a California woman named Catherine Becker drugged her husband, tied him up unconscious, and on waking, cut off his penis and destroyed the severed organ in a kitchen garbage disposal.

Are you giggling yet? If you’re amused by that story, and I know that many women are, please consider the following : A man drugs his wife, ties her up, and then mutilates her vagina with a kitchen knife.

Still laughing? Still delighted at a human mutilated by somebody they loved and trusted?

Not very funny now, is it?

I realize that many people will strongly disagree with my sentiment, because in fact, many people –  in particular; many women find a man being dismembered mangled and brutalized with a knife hilarious.

You can giggle again now that the victim of this mutilation is just another man.

Go on, laugh.

In a July episode of a CBS daytime woman’s television show called “The Talk,” the 5 female hosts, including Sharon Osborne and Julie Chen discussed this premeditated mutilation, and treated the issue as the ultimate in slapstick comedy.

[quote]Mutilating a human being is not funny, no matter what sex they are. [/quote]

There were utterances of “you go girl,” the mutilation was described as “delightful,” and all 5 hosts laughed openly at a human who had been sexually mutilated. The individual earned this brutal and grisly retribution because he apparently wanted a divorce. “That’ll teach him,” one of the hosts suggested.

The show is filmed in front of a live studio audience – who happen to be almost all women, and the open celebration of a human’s grisly dismemberment was met with a horrified, shocked silence.

Actually, no. The audience, almost all women, laughed their heads off, because when a human is permanently and viciously mutilated, then it’s funny as hell, provided the victim is male.

The woman who performed this grisly mutilation is now a celebrity of sorts. She has inspired FaceBook campaigns and letter writing campaigns to free her, to afford her the protected status of a victim, to gift her with education funding, housing, therapy and an expenses-paid-cruise to the Cayman islands.

She’s not the victim, by the way. The mutilation was not retaliation against some violence done by her husband. It was in response to his stated desire for a divorce. She was, and is, a violent criminal.

At this point, you might assume the dismemberment, or it’s cheering by daytime talk-show hosts, or the raucous laugher of the audience, or the surge of public support for a violent criminal are the new points of data I referred to early in this article. But all that is just context, my reason for writing this is the following comment, made by a feminist on 17 July 2011. It read:

[quote style=”boxed”]Today, as with almost every day, I feel more loathed and feared for being a woman than for being gay.[/quote]

These are the words of a woman and feminist – and she is correct.

To the reader of this article, if you are a woman and feel that you’re loathed and feared – then you probably are indeed loathed and feared. I strongly doubt anyone cares what your sexual preferences are. Why would they care any more than about your favorite color of nail polish? But there are many good reasons to fear and loath you, if you are simply a woman.

On the issue of false rape accusations – a casual skimming of the news reveals this to be an escalating problem. The consequences to men of being falsely accused being so dire, and the lack of serious consequence to a false accuser suggests that a climate of fear of women is entirely rational. While you may be personally blameless in such actions – you are a visible member of a demographic increasingly prone to use sex, false accusation, and socially constructed victim-hood as a weapon.

Not to mention, knives.

That criticism of false accusation almost always focuses on its stifling effect on “real” reporting of actual rape, and not on the devastation to the falsely accused or the devastation of families demonstrates a societal failure to comprehend or acknowledge the destructive power women can and do wield with almost complete impunity. Yes, by membership in a biological demographic which seems increasingly prone to employ this power, you will be feared and loathed, and deservedly so.

In fact more than just devastation of families, careers and lives through false accusations – women are increasingly stabbing, mutilating, shooting and burning their husbands and children to death, with little or no legal consequence. In many cases, even when legal evidentiary inquiries establish the factual basis for responsibility in stabbings, shootings and murderous mayhem done by women, they’re given a pass based on imaginary past victimization.

Our society, including our courts sets aside the idea that past abuse does not provide legal justification for assault, and murder – and even uses imaginary, claimed, or wholly assumed and unsubstantiated imaginings of abuse to excuse women from responsibility when they kill people. In fact, this culturally embedded free pass isn’t deemed enough exemption by many legal scholars – and legal precedents are increasingly being established whereby women are mandated to suffer lesser legal penalties.

So, if you’re a woman, you can mutilate and murder and excuse it by claiming to be abused by your dead victims.

Dead men not only don’t wear plaid, they tell no inconvenient truths either.

If you’re a woman, yes, you should enjoy the fear and loathing you so rightfully inspire. It would be tragic if after 50 years of diligent feminism to pathologize female culture, hold women unaccountable and incite them to murder with endless repetition of male vilifying lies, that women didn’t enjoy the fear and loathing that they have so rightfully earned.

What possible fun can it be to participate in a culture of narcissism and unaccountable caprice if you don’t bask in the fear and hatred you inspire?

After all the hard work to get here, isn’t this what feminists have always wanted?

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