The Earth Mother is one selfish bitch

I must be cursed. For whatever reason, I was born with a visceral aversion to stupid, self-deluding crap. It is part of what makes me an MRA. It is also what makes me want to run a chainsaw through the endless piles of bullshit that some women pile up and feed from like hogs at a trough.

One of those piles of said bullshit was something I overheard recently in a coffee house conversation. One woman was telling another how much better the planet would be in the hands of women; how men have so much to learn about “going green.” Then she proceeded to brag about how she put aluminum cans in a different trash container than leftover food. It was an inspiring conversation.

Women being men’s environmental superiors is not a new concept. A search on women and the environment will take you to a garbage scow full of similar ideas.

I was reminded, as the two bobbleheads deepened their dunces diatribe, of the same baseless, cloying sentiments expressed by the “Conscious Men,” who in their groveling homage to femininity video, titled “Dear Woman,” opined, “I honor your deep connection to the earth.”

Excuse me? Deep connection?  To the earth? The earth we live on?

The fuck you say.

Let’s take a look at western women’s “deep connection” to the earth. I mean, outside the worldview of two latte lappers who were more likely than not completely clueless about how a single thing on the planet with a moving part works, including SUVs, one of which they climbed into after polishing off their caramel macchiatos.

First, and speaking of SUVs, the last time I checked fossil fuel was not produced for exclusively male consumption.  In fact, I am pretty sure I see women living in lit homes full of appliances and driving around in gas guzzling Behemoths of vehicular overkill all the time. The malls here in Houston, designed as they are most everywhere else, almost exclusively for female shoppers, are full of them.

That is not to say that the parking lots at football games are made of row upon row of hybrids, but I can see well enough to know that men have nothing on women for fuel consumption except to the extent that a lot of women’s transportation involves a man at the wheel of his car. Apparently, proxy pollution doesn’t count.

Besides, we are just getting started here.

Let’s consider those shiny little (and sometimes not so little) pieces of compressed carbon that are so beloved by women that they are considered a “girl’s best friend.”

But instead of focusing on the stones themselves let’s think about the 4,000,000 men and boys that have died in diamond wars for the benefit of western female fashion. Let’s think about the millions more that are displaced. And let’s think about all the mutilated boys and the slave labor, and the fact that even to this day you cannot walk into a jeweler in the U.S. and be certain that you are not buying a diamond that was dug from the ground by a kidnapped boy working at gunpoint.

All for the sake of women’s vanity and social prestige.

When men go for big ticket items to flaunt status, it tends to lean toward high end cars, maybe boats and planes if they are successful enough. Do those things leave a carbon footprint? Yeah, but they don’t leave blood stains.

And, as it turns out, most people buying diamonds (which is mostly women or men buying them for women) don’t give a shit.

In 2004, Amnesty International and Global Witness conducted a survey of 246 diamond retailers in 50 cities across 18 states. 83% of the stores reported that customers rarely or never inquire about conflict diamonds, and there were 110 stores that refused to take the survey.

We have a still robust market for making tiaras go all glittery, and the cost of it is written in unspeakable suffering and mass graves. I am sure the Earth Mother is beaming with pride. Or is that a diamond pendant she is wearing?

I wished it stopped with that, but it only starts. The following video is not one that I can recommend you to watch. In fact, I seriously warn you against it. If you are a person that has to watch something because someone suggested you don’t then proceed carefully. I don’t issue trigger warnings because someone uses a word that rhymes with rape. This video is genuinely horrible.

But it is another testament to women’s fashion. It was filmed in China, where more than half of their fur exports are to the U.S. fashion industry. And yes, while some diamond wearing femme libs have spoken out against wearing animal fur, the simple fact remains that the demand for pelts from animals that are killed exclusively for their fur, and solely used for fashion, is an almost exclusively female domain.

Lots of men wear leather, but most all of it is from animals that are also killed as a food source. Men do not create a significant demand for the death of animals so they can be trendy.

If the Earth Mother is crying about this, I hope it makes her mascara run, because that is another problem. Cosmetic make up, another almost exclusively female consumer market, a product for which the only purpose is to enhance sexual attractiveness, has another not so environmentally warm and fuzzy side effect: The extreme torture of animals for testing purposes.

When a woman paints on that eye shadow, or enhances the color of her lips, or adds a little color to her cheeks to mimic sexual stimulation and availability, she is not only increasing her chances of attracting a man with a big fancy car that will buy her diamonds, she has already assisted in the abuse of animals.

And as with diamonds, in the end there is nothing more than lip service paid to the problem.

In doing the research for this article I came across from an online make-up consultant who decided to dabble in human decency. She penned precisely the kind of article I would have expected expressing her concerns about the horrors being suffered by animals so that some cosmetics could be tested for human use. But coming to the bloody meat of her position in the penultimate paragraph, she said:


I agree that animal testing is wrong, however I don’t feel that passionate enough to boycott all the brands that test on animals or even go out and protest. What are your opinions? Please share.

And if you will allow a lowly comment mine, the following exchange she had with a reader who commented on the article sealed the deal.

In other words, despite the admittedly half ass, but still bullshit social consciousness posturing, the priority of “looking good” and being comfortable was all that really mattered. These women were not looking for a solution to the problem. They just wanted to tell people that they loved animals and look fabulous while doing it. When the looking fabulous part became compromised, the animals paid for it by being tortured.

These few areas I have covered are really just anecdotes; little microcosms of a much larger picture that does not get one bit prettier.

The thing that drives the bulk of pollution, wars, white collar criminality, cruelty to animals, human slavery and the like is consumerism. Consumerism, especially the market of unnecessary, embarrassingly vain and useless goods, is a woman’s world. It is primarily the consumption of fashion, via cosmetics, plastic surgery, excessive clothing, jewelry and other vanity items. Women drive a world of pain and damage to the planet. And men, to their shame, do the heavy lifting to get it done.

I cannot think of a single item consumed by men en masse, with high social acceptance, that does not also have utilitarian value. e.g. leather items come from food source animals. Essentially it is not that much different from Native Americans using buffalo hide as well as the meat.

And many of the things men do consume that might appear on the surface to be excessive are things that women size up and measure them  by in the process of sexual selection.

Most money is still earned by men. Most money is actually spent by and on women, mostly on consequence-ridden products whose only use is to bolster their egos. That is about as green as a fucking oil spill.

The sex driving the world’s ridiculous over consumption, and therefore decimation of everything, is not men. In fact, women’s level of over consumption is so outrageous that they cannot even maintain it with their own resources. It takes both sexes to feed the excessive appetite of the one. Where it concerns diamonds for engagement rings, we have even developed customs and formulas to guide men on what percentage of their yearly income should be used to make her finger sparkle with sufficient luminosity to enhance her social status.

If we wanted to save the environment, be less cruel to animals, have less wars, less slavery and less forced labor of children then the best first step we can take is to start raising girls to get over their vanity and their entitlement. We would also do well to teach our boys to assist in the process.

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