Real Men Use the “N” Word, Often and With Extreme Prejudice

“My answer to the question is No,” says The Man, brushing off an attempt to suck up free booze by a generic female barfly.

That brief statement, pulled from a recent video installment of Bernard Chapin’s Inferno, would seem to be something perfunctory and uncomplicated. A Simple No, as it were.

But that particular kind of “no” is anything but simple for the average man.  In fact, men use it so sparingly in this situation, we rightly call it by the first letter.  It is the new “N” word.

And Chapin obviously thought it worthy of addressing. While I am sure many men might shrug it off as no big deal, and many others will simply claim to, I haven’t known Bernard to waste his time on the extraneous. He recognizes, as he is often prone to, what the world would prefer he didn’t. In this case that men, particularly younger ones, are financial sitting ducks, and can be charmed from their hard earned money via innate biological vulnerabilities that almost any woman can exploit with a hint of feigned sexual interest.

Bernard points out quite accurately to a culture of female con artists and men that can only be described as easy marks in a carnival side show.

Step right up Gents, for the price of a few call liquors, or perhaps the good ladies car note, you too can imagine that her real intent is to turn your evening into an unbridled realization of your wildest sexual fantasies.

Thus sayeth P.T. Barnum himself: “There’s a man sucker born every minute.”

And indeed there is, for if any man thinks that having sex with her is worth the price of a double shot of Hornitos, or that even if she puts out that it would actually end up being so inexpensive, he is indeed a sucker of the 24 karat variety.

All of this of course invites the even more questions about how to deal with the gender royalty and their steadfast belief that the sole purpose for men is to play endless rounds of Me Government, You Welfare Leech, whether that be for money, merchandise or free labor. The only real difference is that men, unlike government, actually have to earn their money.

And this is where Bernard is giving us sage advice. And where we, I dare assert, should pick up his message and carry it to as many young men as possible.

We have to start, not with women or young men, but with an older generation of men who are still enamored of their role as an ATM on a leash. At least we have to start by dismissing nearly all their beliefs about women. After all, who is it that is raising these young men to feel so  financially obligated by rote? And who has been training women to expect this from men, every bit as much as their mothers?

Yep, it’s the male baby boomers; the quintessential Daddy’s Little Girl being one of their greatest legacies. Didn’t these men ever figure out that Daddy’s Little Girl always grows up to be Joe Average’s Big Financial Drain and the darling of famiy court? While these dinosaurs are quickly fading by attrition, their other legacy- boys raised to sit up and beg, is the lingering enabler for the raging sense of entitlement their sons face in these women each and every day of their lives.

It was a sick set up to begin with, and now it is just ridiculous. Tack it to the growing list of MRM “Must do’s.”

I am reminded of a time several years ago when I was walking through the parking lot of a hospital where I was contracting. I passed a car with an open trunk and found a rather buxom nurse was standing there trying to manage a weighty looking box in the trunk.

I stopped to look and started to offer her a hand when she smiled at me and said, “I need a big strong man to help me with this box.” And dig this, she actually shook her tits back and forth gently in unison with the words “big – strong – man.”

She didn’t take my answer very well, and she didn’t get the help I was about to offer her unsolicited before she tried to sexually manipulate me into playing step and fetch.

Now, I am sure that many would say that what she did was innocent. In a way, that is true. She was only doing what men have always responded to, what has always worked.  She was just another woman in the normal practice of  a social disease.

But here is the point. This is how women have always gotten what they wanted from men. It may have made sense at some point, though I am not so sure. What it boils down to now though is pure scheming.

When does the time come for men to start pointing out that pre-feminist manipulative behaviors from women, in a post feminist world, are just despicable and petty machinations of an overly entitled class of parasites?

When do men put the word “NO” on a default setting as a response to sexual manipulation?

My vote is today. Hell, yesterday. When it comes to the girl that Bernard describes in his video, there is only one difference between her and the ne’er do well hanging in front of the convenience store panhandling for beer money. Her turf is a lot wider and user friendly. And she can work bars, with protections abounding, while he works the mean streets on his own, and at his own peril.

Eventually the cops will run the male “bum” off. And later on, when they are off duty, you might just find those same cops reaching for wallets instead of night sticks when princess hits them up for her free drunk at the local tavern.

The male panhandler fears police.  The female panhandler can drink on their dime.

So the message today? Say NO young man. Say it often and say it like you mean it.  If you want to take her home, let some other guy get her drunk for you first.  She may leech off a mark, but she isn’t really attracted to him.  Besides, anyone who so lacks dignity as to walk up to a stranger and demand free drinks, isn’t worth the price of domestc beer.

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