Feminists desperately wish COVID-19 affected women worse than men

The following article and video authored by Greta Aurora:

It would be very convenient for feminists if more women died from COVID-19 than men. However, the average gender split is approximately 60% male and 40% female deaths worldwide, according to Global Health 50/50.

Instead of highlighting men’s increased risk of death after contracting the virus, journalists and researchers blinded by the feminist ideology believe the real issue is a lack of female academics studying the disease. Although, to be fair, they also focus on other shocking problems, such as mothers spending more time with their children due to lockdown and women finding it hard to stay positive during the pandemic.

Men are generally more susceptible to respiratory illnesses. There are various theories as to why this is the case. For instance, many of the genes on the X chromosome help enhance immune responses, and these genes may be active on both X chromosomes in women. There’s also evidence the female sex hormone oestrogen plays a role in the immune response to respiratory illnesses.

Regardless of the exact biological explanation for this phenomenon, it makes sense that women have stronger immune systems from an evolutionary perspective. In the past, women who were more resistant to infectious diseases were at lesser risk of dying during pregnancy and childbirth, and therefore more likely to reproduce.

If the opposite were the case, and, for example, the Y chromosome contained some crucial immune genes, feminists would be blaming the patriarchy and scientists for failing to find a way to boost their natural resistance to viruses. The Guardian would be full of articles proclaiming that biology itself was misogynistic.

Since men are the ones dying in larger numbers due to COVID-19, it’s a little more difficult for feminists to play the victim. However, it’s clearly not impossible!


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