Update to Campaign for Free Speech Fundraiser

Update on Security Fundraiser:
First, please accept our profound thanks for your immediate, energetic and positive response to raise money for security needs at the First International Conference on Men’s Issues.
As many of you may know, the venue for the conference was changed recently. That does not, however, mean we will be providing less security for the event. We are again negotiating a strong and highly visible police presence as well as providing our own private security team.
All insurance we have purchased will be transferred or rewritten  to cover the new facility. Legal fees have already doubled our original expectations and we are expecting yet another bill.
To put it shortly, we are going to use your donations for precisely the same reasons as indicated in the original appeal, but at a different location. All reward level donations will be honored as promised.
Thanks to your unprecedented support for a men’s event, the conference is going on as planned, and is garnering even more support from the local community and public officials.  Again, thank you all for this badly needed and very important event.
Kind regards,
Paul Elam

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